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A Past Squirrel Hunt in Three Parts: Part One, the Set Up

I think I got out hunting twice in 2007, both to Marseilles State Fish and Wildlife Area. Twice is a far cry from the 25 or more trips per year just a few years ago. But things change for better and worse and you hope every day the worse parts are over with. Every morning... Read more »

I Went Fishing, And Now I Am Going To Tell You About It

Actually, not up for too many words today. Besides, I’ve been told that nobody reads blogs on the weekend and that I shouldn’t bother wasting my time putting up posts. But I have time now. I’ve got out fishing on the Fox River 4 times in the last week. 2 of those at sunset and... Read more »

It's Lunch Time my Friend 8.24.11

Why, look at that, it is almost lunch time. The summer doldrums seem to be coming to an end. In the past week all the writers have come back to life and have been typing away like crazy. Others have been out taking picture of damn near everything. This is a tough one. We’ll start... Read more »

A Walk in the Park a Source of Revenue for the IDNR

My wife and I went for our usual walk around Silver Springs State Park on Sunday. Living only a 5 minute drive away, we find ourselves there 2 to 5 times a week. Sunday the parking lot on the east end was full, we got the last spot. What a change from our weekday walks... Read more »

A Rare Morning of Fishing

There’s a good chance that on any given day at four in the morning, I’m awake. This started when I was a kid and around 5 decades later, I don’t give it much thought anymore. This used to be the time I would crawl out of bed and go fishing. Why lay there staring at... Read more »

At Least the Riverbanks are Cleaner

Was out Saturday morning on the Fox River and fished for about 4 hours. Saw one other angler in those few hours and he was on the other side of the river, fly fishing. I heard the obligatory epithets from him when he missed a hook up. That was it, one angler, on a day... Read more »

Been Getting Out, but no Time to Tell You About It

Time is at a premium lately. A new job and a long commute eats up 12 hours of my day. By the time I’m back at home, there’s things to do. Cook something to eat, even if it sucks it will be somewhat edible. Laundry to do, other things around the house that have been... Read more »

Seems Like a Decent Evening to go Fishing

The assumption is that I will be off work at 5 PM. The next assumption is that people will learn to drive on highways by that time and not turn them into parking lots. I know that’s asking a lot. Tough concept them there highways, what being 55 mph and all. By 6:30 I can... Read more »

It's Lunch Time my Friend 8.18.11

You’ll have to excuse my own lack of posts lately, I’ve been busy. This week it’s time to quit reading the stories of others and start making plans for your own. Instead of sitting around bemoaning the fact that summer is almost over, rejoice in the fact that there could still be over two months... Read more »

The Death of River Wading

Over the past few years the amount of anglers seen wading the Fox River has whittled down to almost nothing. For a two year stretch where I thought I was getting out quite a bit, I ran into no one. Things have improved a little. Last year I ran into a half dozen anglers. So... Read more »