It's Lunch Time my Friend 7.28.11

I know, it’s early, but getting re-acclimated to a regular 9 to 5 job is kicking my time management ass.

I don’t have any time. Was barely able to go read a few myself this week so I’m glad a few reliable bloggers have stayed reliable. And well worth reading.

Looks like another hot one today so you may as well hang out in your own little air conditioned nightmare, relax and do a little reading.

Beats sweating bullets running around for lunch.

We’ll start off with my friend Bob Long, Jr. and take it from there.

How Does it Feel?

Dale somehow mixed together fishing and Bears camp.

Have time for some outdoors, Bears fans?

Erin always seems to come through with something.

Highcountry Lakes Revisited (after I grew up).

Quill Gordon always comes through with a touch of humor.

Flashback Friday: Got a Light?

Got to remember Gretchen now and then.

Good Intentions

Since you’re probably hanging out eating you may as well go read about eating, or cooking. Off on the right scroll down a little. You’ll see a heading called Favorites. Check out the venison chili. I’m sure you can substitute something else for venison, but I have some and will be trying it soon. I have a feeling a certain orifice is going to regret this.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

All right, that’s it, gotta go.

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