It's Lunch Time my Friend 7.14.11

“Thanks, but I’m going to be eating at my desk today, I’ve got a few things I need to get done.”

Fact of the matter is, you’d rather put a bullet in your head than listen to still another episode of “Little Joey goes Pee-Pee in the Toi-Toi all by Hisself.”

May as well read something.

Almost forgot that Owl Jones is making his way across the U.S. to go fishing. Click around and play catch up.

Going to Montana Soon, Going to be a Dental Floss Tycoon (Okay, I elaborated a bit. Couldn’t help myself).

Otherwise, in no particular order . . . .


Homestead Rhubarb

I really need to get out more.

Time to Fire up the Smoker

A Second Date

DPR Bass

That’s probably too much to read, so take a long break and look busy.

Little Joey went Poo-Pee in the Toi-Toi recently and do you really want to hear all about that?


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  • It's probably a safe bet that I am the only Vermonter on ChicagoNow. I created an account just so I can comment here and give you extra points for the Frank Zappa dental floss farm reference. That, and to say "Howdy".

  • In reply to Quill Gordon:

    I think that is a very safe bet Quill. Now we just need to get Erin to comment and we have the western mountains covered. She's sticking to Facebook for some reason.

    Funny how those old references keep popping into my head. I think my age is showing. That and those damn flashback issues.

    You're doing some of the best writing I've found out there. I look forward to anything you put up.

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