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Welcome to Waterdog Journal

This is supposed to be my first post as a new Outdoor Blogger on ChicagoNow. I was allowed in at the end of May, but the New and Improved ChicagoNow was already under construction, so I’ve had to patiently wait till construction was done. If you take a look at the sidebar off to the... Read more »

Closer to the City, They'd try to Kill Them Off

There’s a massive bug hatch drifting around my neighborhood this morning. The morning sun streaks right down the middle of the street in front of my house and the bugs are lit up in gold. The birds are going nuts and flying erratically, not knowing which way to go to suck down more bugs for... Read more »

Hectic Schedules, Summer Doldrums and Fishing Ennui

I think I first noticed something was up in the first week of May when Quill Gordon ended a post without placing a fly on the water. Opening Day! It took a little while, but slowly things began to build. I have no doubt there are others that have been writing about this, but the... Read more »

God and Lawn Care

Another from my friend Tom down in Florida. Sometimes he sends me something good. ____________________________________________ God said: “St. Francis, you know all about gardens and nature. What in the world is going on down there on the planet? What happened to the dandelions, violets, milkweeds and stuff I started eons ago? I had a perfect... Read more »

Fox River Creeks

In the 15 years I’ve been fishing the Fox River and it’s creeks, I can’t recall a time when they’ve both behaved the way they have for the past few weeks. At the end of May it rained hard and the river came up fast. The current flow jumped from around 2500 cubic feet per... Read more »

It's Lunch Time My Friend

A long time ago I worked as a janitor, second shift, in Sears Tower. 90 percent of the janitors were Polish. Lunch time would come around. You have to imagine saying this with a heavy Polish accent. Eets Loonch Thyme My Frrrrend. We roll our R’s. I wander around the internet and read a lot... Read more »

The Summer Solstice Tried to Kill Me - Part Three -The End

…The island was covered in trees and the grass was over 3 feet tall. I tried moving through the grass fast only to start tripping on all the logs and stumps all over the ground that I couldn’t see. I had no choice but to slow down and pick my way through the woods. Lightning... Read more »

The Summer Solstice Tried to Kill Me - Part Two

…All week the weather forecast was beginning to sound a lot like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Every day there had been a call for severe storms. Damaging winds, torrential rains and large hail were supposed to be rolling through ever day. It never happened. I assumed the day of the solstice would be no... Read more »

The Summer Solstice Tried to Kill Me - Part One

To be fair to Mother Nature, she doesn’t care if we live or die. We’re not even a blip on her radar, just another organism on her planet. She goes about doing what she’s been doing every day for the past few billion years, or, if you’re a creationist, the past few thousand years. Either... Read more »

Happy Father's Day to Me

The plan was to spend Saturday with my oldest daughter down along the Fox River at Blues on the Fox in Aurora. Over the past 40 years I’ve seen a lot of concerts and performers, but I had never seen Buddy Guy play. To go see him was the plan. Problem is, I’ve grown to... Read more »