It's Lunch Time My Friend

A long time ago I worked as a janitor, second shift, in Sears Tower. 90 percent of the janitors were Polish. Lunch time would come around. You have to imagine saying this with a heavy Polish accent. Eets Loonch Thyme My Frrrrend.

We roll our R’s.

I wander around the internet and read a lot of different things. I plan on making this a regular feature. Lunch is coming, you have about an hour. You may not feel like going out anywhere. May as well get lost in some reading for a bit.

The first edition of this is a link to a friend. After this, I’ll just have links up there to things I thought were interesting on some level.

Bob Long, Jr. is interesting on multiple levels.

You need to bookmark this. You need to come back periodically to look for more. You need to go through all his galleries just looking at things and reading the words.

You won’t regret this.

Bob Long, Jr. on Flickr

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