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Rizzo's home run depressed me.

When Anthony Rizzo hit a solo home run in the top of the 6th inning during last night’s game against the Detroit Tigers (8/21/2018), my heart sank. It wasn’t because Rizzo fell into what Jim Deshaies called the “downward dog” position after his swing and could have hurt himself. His tumble did not look threatening... Read more »

We welcome Yu Darvish and GS2oA, the newest members of our Cub family

The wait is over. All of us in Cubs Nation watched the media, the tweets, the blogs, and the texts closely, hoping against hope that starting pitcher Yu Darvish would not sign with NL Central rival Brewers, or re-sign with the Dodgers. I chatted with a fellow fan a week ago. He was nothing but... Read more »

Cubs: nothing to blog home about

So tired. Tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for Yu – oo – oo. (apologies to the Kinks) This is a blog about nothing. Nothing? Absolutely nothing at all. (apologies to Seinfeld) Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks. This year I will be more grateful than ever for that occurrence. Let’s get to playing baseball already because... Read more »

The Wrigleyville Crossing Guard

We are between Christmas and New Year’s Day so not much is shaking in baseball. Here’s a very short story to help us escape the winter blues for a minute or two. (Note: The following is fiction. The characters and events depicted are not based on anybody or anything in our real world at all.) She... Read more »

Happy Holidays from Wrigley Field

The Park at Wrigley seen from Clark Street.
Wrigley Field is all decked out for the holidays. Well, at least at the Park at Wrigley. The rest of the ballpark is undergoing major renovations as the “1060 Project” continues. The winter meetings are over so as we wait for the next big news from the Hot Stove League (talkin’ about Yu!), let’s take a walk... Read more »

Perfect holiday gift for Cub fans

For the holiday season I thought I’d summarize the reviews my book, Called Out: A novel of base ball and America in 1908, has received. This would be a shameless attempt to convince you to buy a signed copy of the book as a gift. It’s very easy and only costs $15.95 (cheap) plus tax and... Read more »

Bunt to beat the shift?

It’s the off-season, so when there’s no baseball, what do we do? We think about baseball! A reader recently sent me an email about how batters should combat the defensive shifts that have become commonplace in baseball. Briefly, for some hitters that are known, based on the latest metrics and spray charts, to be very... Read more »

Shortest blog ever, about a short story

A ChicagoNow blogger named Kim Z. Dale published a short story of mine set on Halloween in 1962. Hope you like it! A little diversion while we “wait for the Cubs” to score some runs against the Dodgers. Here’s the link to the story.

What we text about when we text about Cubs

(More apologies to Raymond Carver) Son of Admin and I have been texting during, but mostly after recent Cub games. Here’s a sampling from September. September 3.  Admin: Yo. We got standing room. Only $25. Son of Admin (SoA): Not bad. Cubs awesome. Admin: Apparently they almost blew it yesterday. We couldn’t watch, or even... Read more »

Called Out LIVE! Book Cellar in Lincoln Square, September 20

Shameless self-promotion … What: Local authors night, including yours truly discussing, reading a little from, and signing my new novel Called Out: A novel of base ball and America in 1908 (Amika Press, 2017). (Note: “base ball” is not a typo. It’s how baseball was spelled in 1908!) Where: The Book Cellar, 4736 N. Lincoln (Lincoln Square), Chicago. When: Wednesday evening, September... Read more »