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Waiting4Cubs is a blog by and for typical Cub fans. It's about the fan's experience.  I don't do many stats or game summaries because that information is easily available elsewhere from Cubs bloggers and sportswriters with much more expertise than I.

We go to a lot of games, always with camera in hand, as much to record what happens in the stands and around the ballpark as on the field. My only contacts with Cub personnel are when I run into a couple of ushers that I've gotten to know, and chat with my favorite beer vendor at the top of Aisle 206 where we usually watch games leaning against the railing. Although in 2014 we're more likely to be found in 404 because of the Century Seats deal.

I say "we" because I'm often joined by members of my family -- my wife, four kids, spouses and friends, and four grandchildren.

And I like to involve the fans we meet, telling their stories and ballpark memories. If I hear a compelling story, I sometimes invite the fan to do a guest blog.

Waiting4Cubs came into being first as a book about the centennial 2008 season, comparing it to the last World Championship year of 1908. Interspersed are personal memories of attending Cub games for 50 years, my first being a Cubs-Gians game in 1958. I didn't know it at the time, but it was entirely appropriate that this first visit to Wrigley Field was 50 years after the infamous Cubs-Giants battles (often true battles of fists, knives, and other weapons) of 1908.

Because of this interest in Cub history, I like to work memories of Cubs past into the blog whenever appropriate.

I wanted to call the book Good Cubs, Bad Cubs, but the publisher, McFarland, suggested Waiting for the Cubs, so I must give credit where credit is due for a title that has since been adapted for my original website, www.waiting4cubs.com, (where you can still find the first three years of my Cubs blogs) and my new blog address at ChicagoNow.

Lastly, some say I was doomed to be a Cub fan and Cub writer/blogger. Here's why:

Cubs lose 1906 World Series to White Sox:  October 14, 1906.

Cubs win last World Series maybe ever(!) by defeating the Tigers in Detroit:  October 14, 1908.

Cubs lose World Series to the Philadelphia Athletics:  October 14, 1929

(Admin note: You would think that lots of World Series were decided on October 14, but there were only 5, and the Cubs were involved in 3 of those. One of the others was Pirate Bill Mazeroski's walk-off homer against the Yankees to win the 1960 Series. But as I often point out to my Pittsgurgh-fan friends, Cub spelled backwards is Buc.)

During the NLCS, with 5 outs to go to clinch the first Cubs visit to the World Series since 1945, Cub fan Steve Bartman interferes with a foul ball to begin a Cub collapse that has since lived in baseball infamy:  October 14, 2003.

My birthday:  October 14.

Anniversary of the opening of Weeghman Park (now Wrigley Field) in 1914: April 23. Admin and Wife of Admin's wedding anniversary: April 23. We did not know this when we got married. In the spirit of full disclosure, April 23 is also Shakespeare's birth and death date, and Oldest Sister of Admin's birthday!

We're very happy to join the ChicagoNow family of bloggers, and we hope you'll join us often, both here and at the top of Aisle 206.