We welcome Yu Darvish and GS2oA, the newest members of our Cub family

The wait is over. All of us in Cubs Nation watched the media, the tweets, the blogs, and the texts closely, hoping against hope that starting pitcher Yu Darvish would not sign with NL Central rival Brewers, or re-sign with the Dodgers. I chatted with a fellow fan a week ago. He was nothing but nerves, checking his cell phone hourly for the latest rumors and updates. But then Darvish signed with the Cubs. The news broke on February 10, the most exciting story of this off-season’s otherwise tepid hot stove league.

Family of Admin’s (FoA) texting on February 10 went like this:

Admin: Cubs get Darvish

Son of Admin (SoA): 6 for $126

Admin: That’s par I think. Less than Lester’s deal, isn’t it?

Third daughter of Admin (D3oA): Less than Lester, but still rather Yuge.

Admin: Ha! Wish I had said that!

SoA: Surprised they went 6 (years). Thought 5 max.

Admin: Yeah. He’ll be 37-38 at the end of his contract.

Wife of Admin (WoA): $21MM per year? Poor guy. How’s he gonna live?

Second daughter of Admin (D2oA): Arrieta will no doubt go on to win another Cy Young.

GS2oA. Ready for baseball. Photo by SoA.

GS2oA. Ready for baseball. Photo by SoA.

But FoA was even more nervous as we patiently awaited the arrival of our newest Cub fan, Grandson #2 of Admin (GS2oA). As with Cub management in their pursuit of a fourth starter, GS2oA seemed to be in no hurry. It was as if he was waiting for the front of the Cubs’ rotation to be solidified before he made his move.

But the news of the signing was all GS2oA needed. Knowing that pitchers and catchers were to report February 13, he made sure he arrived on time and thus made his appearance the day before, “ready,” said SoA, “for pitchers and catchers.”

The Cubs rotation is set: Lester, Hendricks, Chatwood, and Darvish. Cub fans are set, too, with the addition of GS2oA!

Position players report February 18.

First Spring Training game: February 23.

First game of the season: March 29 in Miami.

First home game: April 9 vs. Pittsburgh.

First appearance of GS2oA at Wrigley Field: TBD but ASAP!

Play ball indeed.

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