Return To Fishing

Return To Fishing

This past weekend I took my two year old son fishing for the first time and it was my first time fishing since my dad past three years ago.

When it comes to fishing I was taught by the best, men like my dad, also my late scoutmaster Arthur R. Young Jr., (Ricky), and his late assistant Arthur Cecil.

There were also my dad’s friends and a bunch of them are gone most notably John Wilson & Chuck Booker.

These men took the time to teach me the outdoors, how to respect it, how to enjoy it and leave it BETTER than I found it.

I was an annoying little kid who asked a lot of questions and these guys worked with me and we did a lot of fishing back in the day.

The last fishing expedition was when my dad was still here (living downstate) and my brother (Kevin), and I fished on one of my dad’s neighbors ponds.

He made sure we had the equipment and permission we needed (just like when we were little), and sent us off.

Last week I found a great park (right in between work and home), where my son can play, I can fish and we can even pitch horseshoes when he gets older.

When I was not a lot older than him the alleys in my native south side West Pullman were not paved.

So my dad and the above named guys would block off the alley from 123rd Street on Saturday afternoons in the summer, nail down stakes and “pitch shoes”. I can still hear them now, the clanging, the cussin’, the whole nine.

Anyway by now you know I want raise my son with the same traditions I had and fishing is a big one.

Yes I got emotional being out there on the water without my dad but like everything else he prepared me.

I was really excited to get back out on the water and try my luck, I went and updated some of my gear, bought new lures and even my son was hyped to be out on the dock.

Fishing is a big part of my life, all in the summer we fished, if we went on vacation, we got temporary fishing licenses (for whatever state we visited), talked to the people in the bait shop and found the good fishing spots.

Once I got involved in Boy Scouts for summer camp I brought my equipment and with the two aforementioned leaders, we fished in our downtime in the afternoons.

I’m desperately working to get back to that, where fishing is king and everything else is just details.

Every time I’m driving and see a lake or river or large pond, I think about fishing and the great times I had out on the water.

So my son and I went out, set up on the dock and he ran around as I fished and I brought my dad’s tackle box with me and had it on the bench.

Did we catch anything?

Nope, only had a turtle try and get on the line (but you should have seen the size of him), but it was one of those moments worth waiting for.

When all is right with the world and we bring the next generation into the fold and embrace our past and continue our traditions.
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