Is This The True Legacy of Prince?

Is This The True Legacy of Prince?

This week (June 7th), would have been Prince’s 59th birthday and though he has been gone over a year (April 21st 2016), he is more widespread than ever.

But “The Artist”, we all knew and loved (or at least thought we knew), was known to be private, reclusive and controlling over his work.

It surprises and bothers me that his beloved and famous Paisley Park (outside of Minneapolis), residence and studio space is a museum now that you can visit.

It’s managed by the same firm (Graceland Holdings), which handles Elvis’ Presley’s “Graceland” estate but Prince was not a “Black Elvis”.

Nothing against “The King” but Prince was so much different and don’t know if he should be exposed like this.

Look I get it, I handled my father’s estate (who died two years to the day before Prince), and I had naysayers who said myself, my mother and brother should have handled things differently.

When you have an estate you have to make tough decisions on bills, property, belongings, insurance and if you’re lucky inheritance.

It’s an emotional process that will take everything out of you and may temporarily take away from your daily life. I remember the relief I felt when the estate was closed.

And you never quite know what the deceased really wanted but legally this is your call if you run the estate and what you think is best may not be with others think.

But my father wasn’t famous and didn’t have one of the world’s best catalogues of music that he guarded literally with his life.

Today you can stream Prince’s music on a variety of platforms. Prince never allowed this in his living years.

He controlled his music like few others, his dedication to his craft was legendary, his stamina through his iconic live shows still leaves people in awe.

And now the life and art he worked so hard to protect is available for a price.

Being a fan of Prince was like hanging with the coolest kid in school, if you signed up for his website, music, etc., it was like membership into a great, exclusive club.

Prince took excellent care of his both his fans and musicians, his loyalty knew no bounds, he developed some extraordinary talent and took the time to work with young musicians like few other artists.

I know in some shape or fashion his life and work needs to be known, I just don’t know if it should out there like this.

I had an estate auction for the items my family did not want from my dad’s estate. I’ll admit it was awkward as hell having friends and strangers alike going through my dad’s stuff. The auctioneer did a wonderful job organizing it.

My brother worked with the auctioneer to get everything set up and I assisted with some friends who bought things but still you feel like you are selling your dad’s life to the highest bidder. And you are, estate auctions are not easy.

A person’s life and legacy can be complicated, so great care must be taken when you decide what items should be kept within the family and what could be donated, sold or auctioned off.

We kept a lot of the personal items of my dad his pictures, awards that kind of thing. What ended up going to auction were more household items, tools, more non-personal items and still you feel like you’re “living out loud” and letting people into your person’s life.

I don’t envy Prince’s estate and having to handle this I just wonder at making such a private man accessible after he is no longer with us.

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