Why I Love Buicks

Why I Love Buicks

So I mentioned last week I bought a vehicle, it’s a preowned Buick Enclave SUV, smooth riding, powerful and sweet ride but my love of Buicks is in the fiber of my being and is a life long love affair, let me explain.

When I was born my father had a 1972 Buick Electra 225 (yes a “deuce and a quarter”), he sold it when I was still small and I don’t remember that car, just saw pictures and heard stories about it.

But my late cousin Bill Porter was a Buick man he and his late wife Bessie had a Buick LeSabre that must have been a ‘75 or so and then a ‘78 Park Avenue.

That Park Avenue I saw a lot (he helped take care of my grandparents), it was dark blue with the dark blue velour interior, probably powered by that 403 cubic inch 6.6 liter V8. It rode cushy, plenty of power to spare and room in the trunk to rival most modern day crossovers. He had that car until I went to DePaul University (1994), and then upgraded to Cadillacs (STS), but that Park Avenue made a huge impression on me.

My second car crush (the first was the 1977 “Bandit” Pontiac Trans Am), was the Buick Grand National of the mid 1980’s and I still lust after that car. 1986 model especially, I still have the poster I had on my bedroom wall as a kid, it’s in my garage now.

Yes I had posters of cars on my wall instead of girls, I know I’m special.

When I say car crush I mean it, I belong to the Grand National online forum, I go to the local show every first weekend in June in north suburban Itasca and I have a Grand National polo shirt, yet I don’t own the car, I will though, one day. And yes I bought the movie “Black Air” the Grand National Movie on iTunes.

Buick’s motto used to be “fast with class”, and though I always liked Oldsmobile (my late dad had a ’75 Olds 98 that I adored), it’s Buicks that got me.

Last summer I saw a 1972 Buick GS for sale up at the Volo car museum and I was all over that, it quickly sold but again a Buick had my heart.

I’ve owned three Chevrolets (a Corsica & two Malibus), and a GMC (Envoy Denali), and this SUV is my first Buick and half of my cars have been General Motors and I was this/close to going back to the imports.

I test drove an Enclave back in January and was unimpressed, like a lot of people I thought it was an “old person’s car” and yes it’s smooth and quick and easy to drive but not a “blast to drive”.

But when I test drove my current Buick (I like the sound of that), I knew what I was in for and in the months since of looking for a car/SUV came to recognize that the Buick style is what I really wanted.

See I had looked for while of just getting an daily driver, just an older (10-15 years), car to go to work and I kept coming back to either Chevrolet Impalas but the last generation of Buick LeSabres seemed practical.

I’m from the south side of Chicago, there’s something to having that nice larger GM vehicle that rides nice and you can have a comfortable drive.

I don’t care if people call me old, I even bought a used rocking chair last week too (to rest while I cook BBQ), and I’m more laid back now but have a toddler and need some room in a vehicle.

Driving this vehicle reminds me of being a kid and riding with my cousin Bill or my dad in his Oldsmobile. It’s that classic GM full size ride, you have a living room quality comfy seat, excellent power under your right foot and room to spare behind you.

Put on some good music and just ride like elders did.

But there’s even a new Buick that caught my eye, the new convertible Cascada, its a true Buick, quick but not real sporty, just a cruiser, I spoke with the Buick rep last year at the Milwaukee Auto show and he let me go through the vehicle, what a great car.

But for now I ride with the Enclave and keep my love of Buick rolling.

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