Why Battery Powered Chainsaws Rock

Why Battery Powered Chainsaws Rock

So if you haven’t figured out yet, I’m a tool guy, I like everything about tool, I like reading tool catalogs for stuff I have no need or use for.

I like walking around hardware stores looking at tools (and often take my young son), and seeing whats new and on sale and what we don’t need.

But more than anything I like a good efficient tool, something that helps you get the job done, I mean that’s the essence of a tool right?

So this battery revolution of tools is getting good, 20-25 years ago we started with cordless drills.

Last year I told you about my battery powered lawn mower.

Now I have the battery powered chainsaw, now at first glance it like, okay that’s cute.

But its so much easier than having the gas ones and pulling it to get started and then getting the choke right and keeping it running.

Not to mention the noise, fuel, all that mess.

So I started Saturday by cutting up a bunch of dead wood from a fallen tree from a year ago (pictured), and just getting that ready for a fire.

And the saw ran great, no binds, went through that wood “like butta”.

The challenge was on Monday later cutting up a just freshly cut huge branch off a living tree, thanks for the help Marty Sr. & Jr.

Yeah fresh, green wood, some of it pretty thick.

The saw did bind a few times and my father in law had to give me a few pointers on technique for the thick wood but we got it all cut, stacked and didn’t have to change the battery.

I was tired but the saw kept going.

Now with any saw you need to check the chain oil ever twenty minutes and we did and it only burned a little in a about 45 mins of almost not stop cutting.

It never backfired, didn’t jump off the wood and no kickbacks either.

Just smooth sawing, cut after cut, limb after limb even at the thick base of the wood.

It was impressive, my father in law had a electric chain saw but we didn’t have enough cord to get where we were working.

So I did all the cutting with my little battery chain saw.

Are my arms tired?

Yeah but the saw was on point (literally), for the whole cut.

You have the power you need, maybe not the high speed power of the larger saws and we’re not cutting down a forest here but for household uses it “Gits R Done”

Not to mention its quiet, yes you still need ear and eye protection and be aware of your surroundings and not to let the blade hit the ground.

Its still a chain saw and will do damage if not handled properly.

I actually enjoy cutting wood and doing “manly” stuff like that.

Yes I’m the black version of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from the 90’s show Home Improvement, but seriously this little chain saw, does all I asked of it and then some.

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