Sunday is The Best Day on the Motorsports Calendar

Sunday is The Best Day on the Motorsports Calendar

This Sunday is a great day, not only is it my son’s birthday but it’s a day with not one, not two but three iconic auto races.

The day starts out in picturesque Monaco with Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix.

I don’t know if there is a better landscape and harder course on any surface for any race.

This race just like the other two, is a “must win” if you are to be considered “one of the greats”.

The twists and turns along this street “Grand Prix” makes Lake Shore Drive look like the alley the garbage truck goes down.

Monaco is such an exclusive place, one of the most expensive places to live and is just lush in every way imaginable.

It’s the perfect setting for Formula 1 and their high tech high speed cars and the technical difficulty of this street course reserves the checkered flag for only the best in the sport.

It’s a race that is a as beautiful to watch as exciting to follow the action on the track.

Race number two is one of the oldest races in motorsports.

The legendary Indianapolis 500. It’s the size of this race on a two and half mile course that dates back over 100 years and full of spectators its one of the largest sporting events in the world.

Indy racers from all over the globe come to race on this course, in this race so they have a chance to taste the milk that the winner gets.

The Borg Warner Trophy not only has every winners name imprinted on it but their face as well. It’s the Stanley Cup of Motorsports.

Not to mention the tradition and pageantry of the day, from the past winners, the legendary pace car (A Chevrolet Corvette this year pictured), and then the 33 drivers who take to the track at speeds up to 213 miles an hour.

It’s a feat of engineering not for the faint of heart but for those who enjoy fast competition like no other.

I’ve walked this hallowed grounds and its beyond comprehension if you love cars and racing.

The great day in racing ends in Charlotte North Carolina for NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600.

Yes 600 miles of racing in an endurance test of man and machine.

Yes there have been several drivers to attempt and run the Indy 500 and Cocoa Cola 500 back to back. Race track owner Bruton Smith in the past has offered $ 1,000,000 prize to the elite driver who can win both.

And no one has.

If you have sat through a 500 or even 400 mile NASCAR care you know it can take a while and takes a beating on drivers, cars and crews.

So 600 miles is the ultimate test and this race goes late into the night, its being patient having excellent strategy and not messing up or getting tired.

All the elements of a regular stock car race except it’s a late start in the evening which means cooling conditions and darkness (obviously there are lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway), and so adjustments must be made as the race goes on.

And this is the trifecta of auto racing on a holiday weekend that cannot be beat.

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