The Chicago Blackhawks Will Come Back

The Chicago Blackhawks Will Come Back

So after game two on Saturday night, the Chicago Blackhawks have yet to score a goal much win a game.

I get it, its bad hockey and ask any longtime Blackhawk fan, we’ve watched years of this.

Yes this team has won three Stanley Cups since 2010 (pictured is when the Cup was at the Field Museum in 2013), and has been as competitive, talented and deep as any team in the National Hockey League in that time.

Sure these bad games are hard to watch, we had a few in the regular season and any hockey fan will tell you playoff hockey is different.

Everything goes up a notch and this team knows how to win.

Even with the personnel changes every year due to the hard salary cap.

Do we miss Shawzy? Of course.

Is it sad what happpened to Brian Bickell? Most definetly, those were two playoff guys for the Blackhawks but the team has an abundence of young talent to harvest.

Would it be nice to have more veterans in a series like this with a Nashville Predator team playing such lock down defense?

Yes but you play the men you have and not worry about who is not on the ice or on the bench.

There’s a lot of good upcoming talent from “Breadman” on down.

At goalie the team is loaded, Corey Crawford is one of the best between the pipes and Scott Darling is as good as a back up as there is.

But on the defense they need help, Craw takes a lot of shots, the puck is on the wrong side of the blue line for too long.

That’s an easy fix and the team has overcome it before.

Yes it seems like every shot is contested, blocked and there are very few clean looks and the offense looks choppy.

Passes get broken up, plays seem broken and guys get frustrated leading to dumb penalties.

All the team needs is one good offensive series, get some passing in, get a goal or two, block some shots on the other end and the rest will come.

Even have some serious penalty killing (PK), time and make the other team work harder, frustrate them.

Not saying play “goon hockey”, just step up.

We know this team has it in them and its not the end of the world, one game at a time, one shift at a time, one play at a time.

Hockey games are rarely won quickly, but can be lost in a blink of an eye.

We all know these team has it them and the fanbase needs to stand behind them.

Did you see all the Hawks gear people wore on Thursday?

At my job we get to wear Hawks gear for every home playoff game.

Its incredible how people are behind this team and so is the talent on this team and so will be their comeback into this series and on to Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The team has come back before, remember that Red Wings series a few years ago?

This is not over, not even close.

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