Should The Chicago Bears Draft Joshua Dobbs?

Should The Chicago Bears Draft Joshua Dobbs?

I have been a University of Tennessee Volunteers football fan since 1993, the year I applied and they accepted me to their university.

I opted stayed home to attend DePaul University but since then I have bled orange when it comes to college football.

The Chicago Bears badly need a quarterback (and I know they already signed Mike Glennon & Mark Sanchez), and Volunteer senior QB Josh Dobbs is an inquiring pick in this week’s NFL Draft.

He’s a clean cut, intelligent guy who can throw, run and make an offense go.


There were times the Vols looked like a top ten team in the country and were that high in the national rankings.

And there were times they didn’t seem like they were in the top three schools in their own state.

A lot of fellow Vol fans have called for the offensive coordinator (Larry Scott), and head coach’s (Butch Jones), heads for decision making (or the lack there of), at the end of games.

There were also special teams issues that cost them some games.

The bigger question is Josh Dobbs is an NFL quarterback?

Josh has played in and won some big games in the brutal competition that is the Southeastern Conference (SEC),, he’s been a starter for the Vols over the last three seasons.

He also lost some games and looked very “Jay Cutler like” at times.

The talent that Josh has had in Knoxville has varied from okay (in his early years), to great (this past season), and so has his play.

From what I’ve seen I like the guy I lot, he does a ton of charity work, he’s about to graduate with an aeronautical engineering degree, his teammates love him, he’s coachable and seems to be a good guy.

But can he play on Sundays?

I know all NFL teams are looking for the next Kirk Cousins or Dak Prescott (who also came from the SEC), who are later round picks (round 4 or later), who can successfully lead NFL teams at quarterback.

These were guys that scouts thought were not thought to be “franchise players” but who became stars once the starting opportunity was made available to them.

I think Josh can be that guy.

I do know Josh plays hard, he will take any opportunity and run with it (sometimes literally), and he started his college career on a Vols team that was slightly talented and that team (within a few years), became a force to be reckoned with (even in the loaded SEC), and made for some real exciting football.

Now the other question is what kind of talent will the Bears provide Josh?

He’s going from a team stacked deep at most positions to one that has a fairly bare cupboard.

He will be going against the best football talent in the world, not just the pro style teams in the SEC (like Alabama & LSU), but actual professional, seasoned talent.

The one thing all pro players say that changes when you pro is the speed and Josh is quick and nimble but does not possess world class speed.

He’s 6 foot 3, has a good arm and his measurables will not knock you out of your socks and you hope defensive linemen don’t do that to him.

But his intangibles are off the charts, he’s smart, he’s a leader and handles the pressure of being starting QB and playing in big games and is media savvy.

I think he’s worth a shot and he can be a quality NFL quarterback if given the chance in the right system with the right coaching.

But remember how bad the Bears are and that Josh may need some time to get used to the NFL and whatever offensive system he goes to.

Even Peyton Manning struggled his first few years in Indianapolis.

And Josh is not Peyton, he may not even be a starter initially, but give that man a chance and who knows?

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