The Temptation To Bury Our Heads In The Sand

The Temptation To Bury Our Heads In The Sand

With the current political & social climate it’s easy to want to want to ignore what’s going on.

I’m very guilty of it, I’ve been following politics and reading newspapers since I was eight years old, I should be more okay with this but man its hard to teach this old dawg new tricks.

But change is inevitable, we need to rise up and face the challenges of our day.

We need to do our best, forget the rest (this is my mother’s mantra), and make sure we don’t slide into submission and become ignorant to what’s going on around us.

This is not a testament against anyone, at some point life shifts gears, people change and we no longer are comfortable.

That’s not a bad thing, sometimes we need a fire lit under our butts to get better.

I know I do.

There are those who follow a movement to “stay woke”, to be hypersensitive to our situations and be almost militant.

You may not believe but I’ve had my militant moments and that doesn’t always work either at least not for me personally.

We need to find a fine middle ground between being aware and being a watchdog.

We may find that our workplace may change, our personal environments may become different, people’s mentality may change (or become more apparent or obvious), and we need to adapt to new situations.

It’s just that time, both of the season and in that time in life.

No this won’t be easy but it’s also not the end of the world.

We may hear about some awful things going on (not political but in the news in general), and that brings us down but we need to stay positive.

And I know that’s easier said than done, my young son feels what’s going on (and he’s turning two soon), so he’s real emotional, man that can wear on you.

I know a lot of people have a lot of stress and its easy to look for something the numb the pain and that’s not the answer either.

Trust me I’ve been down that road too.

So what do we do?

We need to be the person we want to be and work with.

Think about that.

Who do we want to work with professional and be with personally?

If you can’t find that person, be that person.

Trust me I’m working on this, just be trying to be considerate, kind and professional, it’s not easy.

But also we need to find what we love, who we love and embrace that.

Yes I love this blog, I love writing to you, after more than five years and almost 500 blogs later and I appreciate each and every one of you.

I love cars, reading about cars, watching cars race, heck I can look at a parking lot of cars and be happy.

I love to cook (BBQ especially), love feeding folks and doing food prep.

I love jazz, the music, the people who make it, everything that goes along with it.

So I indulge in all those things when I can, I shut off the world when I’m in them or go outside and chill since it’s finally spring here in Chicago.

I take my young son out (who I love more than all of those other things put together), and we roll out.

My late dad loved this time of year (and I struggle in spring time without him), he always talked about “when the weather breaks” and getting outside to plant the garden, go fishing, work on a car or just sit outside cook BBQ and have a beer.

When people say it’s the little things in life, it’s no joke, that’s what makes life good.

So when the big things get too much, find one of those little things and the rest will be ok.

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