The Bigger Mac

The Bigger Mac

So I tried the pictured Grand Mac, the big dog of McDonald’s new family of Big Mac sandwiches.

Now I’ll be honest I was never a huge fan of the Big Mac. I’m a double quarter pounder man myself, more meat, less bread, cut out the middle man.

Actually take it back to the late 1980’s and I was a big McDLT fan, remember that?

But two good friends of mine are Big Mac men and especially the “special sauce”, which I admit is pretty good.

The Grand Mac is big, its wide and Burger King Whopper like and I just had one of those last weekend.

The sandwiches are very similar, the meat is thin (compared to a double quarter pounder), its lettuce heavy and sauce laden.
It’s got decent flavor and I know I’m not eating at the Ritz.

My mother said (from watching a televised commercial), it looked like “pot roast on a bun”, which is hilarious because it does look like that but in reality its not.

But you know what is the best part the Grand Mac?

The bun, no joke.

The bread is soft but doesn’t break down despite the sauce and drippings from the burger and you can finish the sandwich in your hand and not completely in pieces or with a fork.

Even better burgers from higher end joints (That Burger Joint, Tom & Eddies, etc.), sometimes turn into a taco and you have a plate of remnants at the end.

Wendy’s double cheeseburger (I think it’s called Dave’s Hot & Juicy now, it’s the # 2 on the combo menu), which is my fave fast food burger, is a mess at the end.

So credit McDonalds for creating a burger that doesn’t make you go through a stack of napkins.

Any of you who have eaten with me in the past 25 years (and goodness if you have you know what I messy eater I am), knows I’m a napkin guy and I take a thick stack of napkins and that goes double for most burgers.

I know saying a burger isn’t messy isn’t the best compliment on a burger.

My late dad (also the Wendy’s double was his fave, its where I get that love from), always liked a juicy burger that he said “had grease running down his arm”.

He was a mechanic, used to being dirty and being a mess, he took pride in it.

But I now eat out more for lunch with colleagues and do more fast food dinners having a toddler son. I’m not the “foodie” or dinner snob I used to be due to my more casual meals out now.

Yes I’ve been humbled in the culinary genre, also can’t make the elaborate meals I used to make at home and honestly, rarely make burgers anymore.

Thus trying out the Grand Mac and seeing what’s out there.

A lot of burger places make it seem like they are reinventing the wheel, look it’s a burger, there’s only so many ways to go with it.

I like that McDonalds is staying true to their menu and expanding on what they have and what works for them.

A former co-worker of mine who was a franchisee of Orange Julius once told me that the key to fast food was “consistent mediocrity”. It sounds bad but that’s what works.

You go into a place and you know what to expect and they deliver. End of story.

The Grand Mac isn’t breaking any new ground, it’s a larger version of what you have come to expect and it’s pretty good all things considered.

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