Wojo's Resturant Is For Sale

Wojo's Resturant Is For Sale

If you attended Brother Rice High School or Mother McAuley high school within the last 35 years then you are familiar with the local take out restaurant Wojo’s.

This also includes if you worked in the vicinity of 99th & Pulaski, or ride the 53A Pulaski Bus or work or go near 95th & Pulaski.

I’m a Brother Rice man (class of ’94), so I know Wojo’s well.

And now its for sale for a cool $ 549,000, equipment, restaurant and all.

I work with a fellow Mother McAuley grad so it’s been our conversation for the past couple of days or so.

In case you don’t know that triangle of Chicago, Evergreen Park & Oak Lawn that surrounds 99th & South Pulaski Ave, let me educate you.

When I attended Brother Rice in the early 1990’s the food options were slim and Wojo’s proximity to school made it popular, I admit we thought the prices were a little high.

Some guys called it “Oh Joes!” or “Owe Joe’s” but regardless it was the eating spot for us and after a long day of Catholic all boys education you are hungry. Well as a teenage boy you are always hungry.

But then of course having the state’s largest all girls high school down the street makes it all better, so Wojo’s was the spot where everyone hung out at.

If you were on a team or on a club most likely you had food brought in from Wojo’s as well. When I was the equipment manager for the baseball team the coach would send me to Wojo’s to get food for the team.
I didn’t mind, like I said, there were McAuley girls there, it was all good.

The food at Wojo’s is excellent, they are known for their shakes, they had lots of varieties of shakes way before Shake & Steak or Sonic came into our area.

They also were ahead of their time with different kinds of meat for burgers including wild game like Elk & Bison. This is common place now but back in the 90’s they had it.

Of course as teenagers we didn’t care, they had meat, fries and shakes, all three food groups covered.

So I understand the owner is retiring, it would be interesting if a Rice or McAuley grad (or grads), took over ownership. I mean we know what this place means to the schools and community.

We all ate there, our parents ate there on back to school night and after games, you can say its an institution for many of us who attended those schools.

Yes there is plenty of nostalgia for us grads too, though I have not eaten at Wojo’s since I graduated 22 years ago.

I didn’t live close to school and haven’t been back much and don’t frequent the area, though I may go by now and just see how things are.

I do have a son now and I wonder if he’d be interested in being a Rice man too, also if Wojo’s would still be around under new ownership and he could experience it too.

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