Watching Airplanes With My Son

Watching Airplanes With My Son

I’ve come to that time in my life where I don’t like drama, stress or problems. Especially at home.

I’ve stopped watching a lot of the news, don’t follow politics much anymore and limit my time on social media.

So the other evening (around 7 P.M. when we still got about an hour of daylight this time of year),) it was just my son and I at home as my wife worked late, not much good on TV and he was calmer than the anxious little boy he had been the last few days.

So I set up chairs for us outside on the deck and we just chilled. We had done that a couple of days ago just sitting outside and he positioned himself in his high chair just like my late dad. Brought tears to my eyes and then it got warm so we had to go inside.

But this evening was different, I set up water and milk from him and a cold beer for me and we just sat there.

My dad and I used to just sit outside like that, both when we lived in West Pullman and later when he retired to southern Illinois and I’d come to visit.

It’s a special time, you don’t have to say much, talking ruins the moment, just sit outside and like my mother says “just be”.

Then we got a plethora of planes overhead, we live on an incoming flight path for Midway Airport and in the evening and at night the Southwest flights line up from the southwestern part of the sky and come in at about 1000 feet or so, though some were as low as maybe 500 feet.

So I decided to teach my son about flight.

See I worked at United Airlines for seven years over 10 years ago and though I did accounting I learned a lot about the airline business.

Plus I was a little boy that loved flight too, especially space, I attended Museum of Science & Industry space camp, I was fan of Ron McNair the African American astronaut whom died in the Challenger disaster 30 years ago.

It wasn’t that long ago I was a little boy in West Pullman looking up at the sky.

I can’t explain the joy it brought me to share my love of flight with my son, for him to look up in the sky and just know that he has no limits.

I have to remember I’m the dad now, my son has been here 14 months but I’m the old man, he looks up to me and my best teachings are by example.

I have to remember when he follows me around while I clean the floor or fix something it’s like when I used to hang out with my dad in his workshop and garage back in the day.

Even when I was high school (Brother Rice), and we didn’t always get along, I would still be around my dad while he worked on stuff, it’s hard to explain, you just want to be around the old man.

So I shared that time with my son, just to be together, watch some planes, have our drinks and chill. It’s simple but so great.
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