The Legacy of the Honda Civic

The Legacy of the Honda Civic

Believe it or not I’ve never owned a Honda vehicle, I’ve driven a few but never had one in my driveway.

I respect Honda products because they have crazy reliability and though often at a premium price, you will have that car a long time.

A good friend of mine has a 2015 Honda Civic and we went to breakfast a few weeks ago and it’s a great little car. Seems roomier than the 2015 Toyota Corolla and a little more “tech”.

It also has a little sportier feel but I’ve long thought that with Honda vs Toyota.

I drove a friends Civic 20 years ago and it felt comparable to my old Nissan 200SX, had some good acceleration, handled well and maybe not as comfortable as its competition but was fun to drive.

The Civic has always been available in different models, the standard two and four door models and then the iconic CRX, the short lived Del Sol and the riveting Si & Type R sport models.

Back in the late 1990’s I knew several people with the two door sixth generation Civic EX with the sunroof and the spoiler, that was a great car. Excellent looks, performed well, great on gas, it was a like a little Prelude (their sports car at the time), but on a budget.

I even shopped for one in 1999 but bought a Mazda 626 at a cheaper price.

Honda has manufactured the Civic since 1972 and it’s a staple in the small car business, though the Toyota Corolla has a more worldwide presence, the Civic is still very popular.

I think the Civic with Honda’s legendary racing prestige (from Indy Car), and reliability is towards a different audience. Many small cars are just basic transportation while Honda gives you more options.

In Civics you can have that small, simple car or a sport tuned vehicle too, all from the factory.

How many Honda Civics do you see that have aftermarket modifications for performance and appearance?

A ton right, it’s hard to find a fifth (1991-1995), or sixth (1996-2000), generation Civic that is still “stock”.

Honda has owned the “tuner” market for a while, you will see Nissans and some Toyotas with some tuned work but it’s overwhelmingly Civics.

I see that Honda has a new (10th), generation Civic that is out this year. Honda has a very loyal but vocal following, which can be more critical than most car fans.

Remember a few years ago Honda made some changes to the Civic and the people spoke out and Honda wisely updated those changes to make sure people got the Civic they expected. That was unprecedented that the people disliked a new car and that the manufacture responded and changes were made.

Not sure any other car manufacture would act that quickly but that’s what makes Honda special. I’ve known many Honda owners over the years and most of them are die hard Honda fans. They will look at other cars but in the end they usually buy Hondas.

It’s admirable and I’m sure keeps other car companies up at night of why this car company has such rabid fans.

But it’s a testament to their craftsmanship and the cars they make that they can charge a premium but the people come out and support their product.

But also that the people know their car company listens and makes the car they want, it’s why the Civic is such a cult classic.

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