My Evolution of Lawn Mowing

My Evolution of Lawn Mowing

I’ve been doing landscaping and cutting grass for 30 years and over 20 of those years I cut grass for people other than my parents. Starting my senior year at Brother Rice I cut several yards a week.

When my late father retired to south Illinois I really cut some grass, he had seven acres, 4 of which were “pasture” meaning we cut grass. We used everything from entry level lawn tractors, to expensive “zero turn” mowers to finally a John Deere 770 three cylinder diesel on a three speed manual transmission pulling a “bush hog”.

But back here at home for the past 15 years I’ve used the same top of the line Craftsman mower. Me and the mower have been through a lot, its handle is taped, it burns a lot of gas, its loud, it leaks oil. Its so hard to start often I put a “C” clamp on the safety bar to keep it running, even when I empty the bagger. And the bagger falls off with any weight going over uneven ground.

But I’ve been cutting two yards a week with it and finally a few weeks ago I couldn’t take that loud, smelly, hard to start mower anymore.

I started looking at lower priced gas mowers but not worth my time and the gas mowers I wanted were more than I was willing to spend.

So I saw in the middle were battery powered mowers.

Now I’m the guy who drives a V8 engine power SUV every day and I like torque and old school horsepower but man looking at the reviews of these battery powered ones and it made me think.

I mean I drove the 2015 Kia Optima Hybrid last summer and it was a smooth technological advanced car and it opened my eyes.

So I read more and more about these mowers and thought about lifting that heavy son of a gun that I have now and money for gas and parts and how I almost tore my rotator cuff trying to start that thing.

I went to the local big box store and talked to someone about a dual battery mower, weighs about 60 pounds, cuts for a few hours (then needs a few hours to charge), and its refined. They had a sale on it and I bought it.

This past weekend I charged up the batteries for it and brought it out when the grass was a little tall and a little moist and it cut it fine.

Now you often need to make several passes to get a good clean cut and its not self propelled but its so light you won’t mind.

However the lack of weight makes it bounce like a zero turn mower so if you have uneven land and tough cuts it may be challenging to get a perfect cut.

These are all things that can happen with old gas self propelled too but its more noticeable.

If you have a small flat, thin yard, no worries but more challenging yards mean to be more careful and take a little more time.

Also it doesn’t have the vacuum power like a gas powered mower, just be aware.

But man is it civilized, quiet, no smell, no gas, it beeps when it bogs down.

Best part is it starts with the push of a button and holding the safety bar, that’s it.

You let the bar go, it quits immediately no back firing or run on. And then hit the button and the bar and fires right back up.

The future of yard work is here.

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