How to Enjoy The Wisconsin State Fair

Over the weekend I attended the Wisconsin State Fair, it’s a great experience and only a few hours from northern Illinois.

First thing is if you can go up there during the week because the weekends get crazy, just be aware of the rush hour traffic both in Chicago & Milwaukee, also check to see if the Brewers baseball team are in town

There is heavy construction near the fairgrounds, starting near Miller Park on I- 894 and even the exit that Google Maps has you use to go back south  (Greenfield), is closed and Google doesn’t know it. So be aware.

Also many people (myself included), park in the neighborhood west of the fairgrounds off of west Shilinger Ave. But park about ½ to ¾ a mile away from the fairgrounds and watch the parking restriction signs. There are enterprising people charging to park in their front lawns closer to the fairgrounds but do that at your own risk.

The fairgrounds are past Milwaukee in West Allis and I use the 84th Street entrance near the Agriculture buildings, it takes you right into all the livestock barns (and you can watch live cow milking if you care to), and then to the Wisconsin Products building.

The Wisconsin products building is great, the food is amazing, fresh burgers (my wife had one it was great), I had a bison burrito, it was great too. And its not called America’s Dairyland for nothing, lots of milk products too and some sweets too including sundaes.

Right down from that is the Lions charity and their famous roasted corn, go to the cage buy your tickets and get some butter dipped corn on the cob, it’s worth the trip alone.

Right by there is a nice wine tasting place, I’ve never done it but my in laws have, the day I was there just too hot, too much sun. It’s indoors but not the right day for me.

Around the corner is the machine shed, a few years ago I ate a cheeseburger with chocolate covered bacon using a Krispy Kreme doughnut for a bun, it almost killed me. Try at your own peril.

There a number of places serving tots and fries with unusual combinations or really large quantities (I think 83 ounces is the biggest), be mindful but try some and share.

Then there is the main pavilion, honestly a lot of crap and infomercial like stuff in there but also the Milwaukee Bucks, vacation info, Milwaukee Admirals minor league hockey and some sporting apparel too. But check it out, its interesting, like the back of the Chicago Auto Show with the people selling car wax.

You have to try a world famous crème puff and see their ridiculous operation. It has its own building, you can order them outside but go inside, see the production line and how quickly you get through the long line.

If you are lactose intolerant like me, get a big ass cookie, its great and worth the wait.

Don’t forget to check out the car manufactures that are there, Chevrolet Trucks and a full line of Dodge and Chrysler products. It’s like the auto show but outside.

If you like beer you are in heaven, lots of beer on tap including the wonder New Glarus like of brew, I love Spotted Cow, it’s a light beer but not skimping on taste and only available in the state of Wisconsin.

And yes there’s plenty of live music, headlining acts at night at the adjacent Milwaukee Mile speedway but smaller acts all day long at various bars and stages.

Id be remiss not to mention to stay hydrated, it gets warm out there and in case you forgot your sunscreen, there are a few stations that had free sunscreen to apply.

The fair runs until Sunday, so check out our neighbors to the north and don’t speed down I-94, its carefully patrolled. Enjoy.

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