African American Living History: Donald W. Osborne

African American Living History: Donald W. Osborne

If you watch Jay Leno’s Garage the car show hosted by the former Tonight Show host on CNBC, then you have seen Donald W. Osborne.

Donald has a segment on the show (“Assess & Caress”), where he compares three cars for their value, appreciation and value and history of their price. Donald also sings, he is truly a renaissance man.

But Donald is a heavyweight in the car business, Jay’ Leno’s show is not his first TV gig, he co-hosted “What’s My Car Worth” between 2010-2012 (pictured), on the car centric channel Velocity with Keith Martin.

He is also editor at large for Sports Car Market magazine and has written many articles about cars for publications like The Wall Street Journal, Hagerty’s Magazine (one of the leading car valuation services and classic car insurance), and The New York Times.

In fact it was a New York Times piece written by Donald in 2004 that introduced many of us to Wayne Carini, the owner of F40 Motorsports in New England and and led Wayne his gig on the previously mentioned Velocity channel. Wayne’s show Chasing Classic Cars is now in its ninth season.

That article by Donald was read by the producers at Discovery Channel (who own Velocity), and called Wayne the very next day and as Wayne said himself in a recent online video, the rest is history.

Donald is an accredited senior appraiser (ASA), a great distinction by the American Society of Appraisers and is expertise is vintage Italian, French, German British & American cars.

Donald also owns his own valuation firm, Donald W Osborne, LLC / American Valuation Services. The have the great motto “Because your appraiser is as important as your appraiser”, and they provide consultation in the value, sale, purchase and marketing of collector and exotic vehicles. They work on behalf of owners for private, corporate and also for the legal field.

Trust me this is an important service because even for us car guys you see me write about not being sure what a car is truly worth.

That’s when someone like Donald comes in and why Jay Leno has him on his show, he’s the best.

Donald also provides the invaluable service of “finding your dream car”, trust me I’ve been doing this personally, it’s a lot of work.

Donald states they will search for any collector car from driver (meaning a car you wish to use), to concours (which is the best of the best in the car collector market), and also provide their vaulted valuation service.

I’ve bought and sold a few cars in my time, it’s so much easier when you have someone who knows what they are doing. Especially in the collector car market which is volatile, there are fraudulent cars and deals can be challenging.

Donald also works with sellers of cars too, so many times on car shows and in real life when you deal with an estate of a passed on loved one, you have a vehicle to contend with. I was there two years ago (with the death of my father and handling his two vehicles), not an easy experience but again my man Donald has a service for that including Market Survey Reports for more valuable vehicles.

Lastly did I mention Donald is renowned singer? And I mean classically trained, he does it all and is a great example of living African American history.

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