What I'm Learning From a Toddler

What I'm Learning From a Toddler

My son is now almost 14 months old, he walks, almost runs, can say some words, have real emotions, has even realer tantrums and is a genuine little person.

The baby is gone, so some of depending on mommy & daddy 100% time went with it. Obviously he’s still a long from being grown up.

Well some days.

It’s the emotions that’s the kicker now, he can’t talk so crying is the top emotion, that and screaming at the top of his lungs.

So it’s loud in the house and wherever he goes and he fights sleep like Mike Tyson. Trust me sleep is nursing its ear right now because it gotten bitten off the other night.

But our son also has pure joy.

The other night went to the mall and for the first time let him go in one of those play areas with the carpeting and things they can climb on.

Man he ran around really well, laughing, playing with other children. I saw my late dad’s smile on my son, I was almost emotional about it.

There was no denying as parents we needed to step back and let him play (under supervision of course), but not down there on top of him either.

I know it’s the first of many times of letting go.

He had moments where we needed to interact but 90% of the time he was on his own, it’s a big deal.

As a kid as you age you can’t wait to get away from mom and dad but on the other side you are cautious but don’t want to be a “helicopter parent” either.

The other parents were the same way, sitting on the bench watching their kid play but ready at a moment’s notice to jump in to help.

Our son has had playdates with friends’ children but it was at our home or their home, it wasn’t in public with strangers or any of that.

And let me tell you after this past week of violence, seeing a bunch of children of different backgrounds just playing was beautiful, it’s how things should be.

Funny us parents just sat individually not interacting, most of us on our phones.

I was thinking we could learn a lot from our children, to live without bias, to run free, play without abandon.

If you fall down you don’t worry who saw it, you get back up and keep playing.

There was even a kid who seemed he might be a bully, he was bigger and played a little rough but still it was just worth keeping an eye on things, no need for anything else.

We sometimes think we are so smart and sophisticated and then a bunch of toddlers show you how life could and should be.

They play, they eat, they love and they pass out. Yeah there’s the whole diaper thing but man you wanna know God loves us and wants us to be happy, all that is in small children.

We need to learn from them.

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