What Are Tesla Cars?

What Are Tesla Cars?

I’m sure a lot of people at car companies all of the world are up at night asking the same question.

I have not had a chance to ride or drive a Tesla yet (I’m working on it), but I’m seeing more and more of these cars.

I first saw one in person a year or so ago and he blew my doors off on a straight away on Route 83 in between Oakbrook & Clarendon Hills and did it silently.

I sat back and thought WTF was that?

I saw the car again a few days later and realized it was a Tesla Model S and there is a Tesla store in Oakbrook Mall.

Yes they sell cars in a storefront in the mall, no inventory or any of the other stuff that makes dealerships expensive.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is a pioneer, I mean the man is working on rockets so we can go to the moon and the Tesla cars are probably not a lot slower than his rockets.

Yes the first cars were expensive, starting around $ 80,000 and fully electric and with a network of charging stations.

The picture is of their charging station I visited in Pleasant Prairie WI at the outlet mall. Somewhere in there is a joke about electric cars charging at an outlet mall but I’m not smart enough to figure it out.

But think about it, world class performance and tech (the screen inside is like a super iPhone), in a rechargeable car that is under $ 100,000.

If you had the money why wouldn’t you?

It’s why when Tesla announced their smaller, more affordable car for $ 35,000 people jumped all over it. Actually hundreds of thousands of people put $ 1,000 down (refundable), for a car that isn’t made yet and won’t be available for several years.

That’s how you do a startup fund.

The way they do cars makes the rest of us feel like we are in the Stone Age buying gasoline and driving these slower, much less efficient cars.

But I don’t think it’s the death knell for the fuel powered car as we know it.

Tesla are premium automobiles on a relatively small charging network, with limited driving range and not a lot of dealers. But man is that an efficient way to run a car company.

Cadillac is trying to figure out a way to have less dealerships and make some of their stores virtual. Meaning they would have no inventory stores and let you experience the car via virtual reality.

I know Star Trek and the Jetsons material right?

But how many of us don’t like going to the dealership to buy a car?

I’m not thrilled about it and I used to work at a dealership. I’ve owned nine personal cars and at least on two of them a domestic dealership ripped me off.

It’s why things had to change and car manufactures need to cut back on the amount of dealers (because when you have ton of stores they often compete with each other), and when you have cars on the lot you have to pay insurance for them.

The less space, inventory, employees and everything else a dealership requires, the less overhead.

Why not sell an efficient car, efficiently?

And why not have that car perform as well as anything out there? I mean those cars have a sport mode called “ludicrous”, I’m not kidding.

Watch some of the car review videos (Saabkyle04 is one of my favorites), and see how many views for the Tesla and then see just what that car can do.

It’s truly the future and seems they have no limits at Tesla and the rest of the car world is playing catch-up.

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