How to Blog When It Doesn't Come Easy

How to Blog When It Doesn't Come Easy

Being a writer is very much like being a baseball player, you have good days and bad days and some days you have to play without your best stuff.

Right now writing wise I’m like beloved Chicago White Sox, I started out the year red hot, writing every day, had great topics doing great and it came fairly easily.

Even as I cooled off a bit, still produced well.

So now I’ve really slowed down, got some other things to take care of my topics aren’t as good and it’s not much of a slump more like reality, just like the White Sox.

But how do you go out and you are not 100%?

You can say it’s easy you just give what you have.

But it’s more than that, you need to think more, try harder and make sure you practice well.

In writing it means you keep a journal and that you read as much as you write.

When I was my hot streak I wasn’t reading a ton, but just writing, writing, writing and it was good but I need to make sure to support my fellow bloggers and get good ideas as well as putting them out.

The key to being a good writer is like anything else you need to practice, even when you don’t feel like even when it may not be great material.

All writers are not created equal and every piece of writing you do may not be equal.

Some you will like and some you may hate and your readers may not always agree with you but if you don’t write they have nothing to read.

Yeah it’s hard to create when there is a lot going on (ask me), but I try to write daily, even if it’s not blog material, just write about what’s going on that day, what you feel, what you ate for lunch. Push your creativity by describing it well.

It’s not just a sandwich, it’s smoked ham on a Turano roll with romaine lettuce and light mayo.

Literally that was my lunch one day.

And have fun with your writing, write about silly stuff, or make stories based on your life, I’ve done that for over 20 years. I take real people and real events (because truth is truly stranger than fiction), and go for it, talk about what’s going on.

I’ve gotten so much writing mileage out of my childhood stories that I’ve told you, and those were all real people and actual events and it seemed normal to me.

We had some characters back on 123rd Street, use that to not only document your past but to enhance your future by improving your writing skills.

You can never write too much because when you have to edit and go over it, there will be things edited down and taken out but just having had those ideas and getting them down can take you to the next idea.

And that’s the basic premise in writing, just to get out ideas and tell the story.

Though it’s not always that simple.

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