Audi is not BMW "Lite"

Audi is not BMW "Lite"

Honestly until recently I had very little experience with Audi.

Back in 1989 I had a junior high teacher who had an Audi 5000 and of course I had heard of the car via rap songs from LL Cool J and others (even saw airbrushed shirts), so the car had some “street cred”.

But I was underwhelmed when she took me to lunch (the “student of the month” got to go to McDonald’s, thus I got to experience the car I heard so much about), in the Audi, I mean it was nice but I don’t know if any car could have lived up to that hype.

And the previous year in my former school a teacher took me to the science fair in a second generation BMW 325i, so I was comparing the Audi to that, maybe the most balanced engineered car ever created.

So recently a close friend has been shopping for a pre-owned 4th generation Audi A4, specifically a 2010-2011 model 2.0 T Quattro, which is the car pictured.

I did my homework on the car and found that 2.0 T is problematic with oil consumption (it’s a Volkswagen engine that very popular), but most dealerships replace the crankshaft early (10,000-20,000 miles),and then the pulley for the belts (around 40,000-50,000 miles), and it seems to do the trick.

Some dealerships go as far and pull the engine out of the car to work on it and make sure it’s repaired.

The fact dealerships go to those lengths to make sure the service for the car is unparalleled and that Audi stands behind their cars.

I also learned not to compare the BMW 3 series to the Audi A4.

I got to experience both cars within an hour of each other a few weeks ago and they are different cars suited to different people.

Audi is not “BMW lite”, it’s a German engineered car that highlights driving but it’s not to the extent of BMW.

Its a seriously firm ride, not as tight as a BMW, a tad more relaxed (and dare I say luxurious), but still a driver’s car with some serious drivers experience and you ride along knowing this is a special car.

The aforementioned 2.0 T is a bi-turbo that is simply furious but doesn’t drag you down the road by your nose. A BMW twin turbo sounds mean, drives quick and you are engaged whether you want to or not.

The Audi is no less fierce but only when pushed, otherwise it’s a great driving experience that exceeds what most cars give you.

Audi is legendary for the Quattro all-wheel drive system that I’ve heard about for over 30 years and it gives you grip like great track shoes. You hold the road like a grudge and it powers you along with precision.

That’s why people want German engineering, it’s not over the top, it’s not over thought, it’s what a lot of other car companies are figuring out now with turbos. It’s using every little piece of energy and power you have efficiently and ready for when you need it.

You don’t feel the dreaded “turbo lag”, its power on demand and you subtly look good while going quick.

I am glad I’ve now learned and experience Audi because it’s a different experience but still made for drivers.

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