What I Want For Father's Day, An Afternoon With My Late Father

What I Want For Father's Day, An Afternoon With My Late Father

I’ve already been asked what I want for Father’s Day. Last year (my first father’s day), I stated every day is father’s day for me and it still is.

I guess I could use a new cordless drill, I’ve had the same one since my junior year in college (18 years ago), they don’t make parts for it anymore but it works, though an 18 volt one would be nice.

It would be nice to have a creeper so I can roll under a car to check things out.

Even a nice chair for outside on the back deck for when I’m grilling, that would cool.

But what I truly want isn’t possible.

I want to have an afternoon with my late father.

My old man has been gone for two years, he never saw me become a dad, he had grand children from my brothers but not me.

I never truly got to say goodbye to my father, he was going to surgery and we had a phone conversation since he was 300 miles away and I planned to drive down to the hospital the next day and see him in recovery.
But when I got there he was still in surgery and came out but he was not right. Then two days later he had a stroke and never regained consciousness for the remaining four months of his life.

I’d love to show him the grandson that resembles him so much and get his streetwise and excellent advice.

And for my son to see his other grandfather and climb all over him.

I’d love to show my dad the 50 year old BBQ pit he gave me (the very last thing he gave me), and how I fixed it up and use it all the time now.

It would be great to cook one more slab of ribs with him and have him make his great rub and bbq sauce for them. I try to make it and its close but it’s not the same.

I’d love to show the old man the SUV I bought and get his take on it and all of his four wheel drive and truck knowledge from over the years.

I’d love to hear his thoughts on all the things his missed over the last two years, political, sports, automotive and everything in between.

I’d really want to get started with him on that “one last car” we always talked about building. Just have dad point me in the right direction and my son and I would take over from there.

I also would love to talk about his recipes that I can’t quite get right, fried chicken, sweet potato pie, meatloaf, chicken cacciatore, cornbread and his famous hand packed burgers.

I’d love to ask him more about our family’s history, the folks from Louisville, Memphis & Paducah KY and get more input on what those people went through.

Not to mention get more details on what he went through going to college (Kentucky State), in the south before the civil rights era and being  a pioneer as one of the few US Navy engineers in the late 1950’s.

But more than anything I just want to get him a beer and tell him thank you.
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