Rhetoric & Killing, When Does it End?

Rhetoric & Killing, When Does it End?

I’m as tired of writing about urban terrorism and violence as you probably are hearing about it.

But I can’t quit.

I’ve personally buried too many people to act like this last instance of killing doesn’t matter.

Its not about black lives, its not about the police or any other demographic.

This is a human race issue and the gallons of blood spilled here in Chicago every weekend and in every ‘hood around the world.

We’ve so many damn mass shootings it don’t makes sense, movie theaters in Louisiana, schools in Connecticut, Kentucky, Colorado, Virginia and my native northern Illinois.

We can can keep asking why but we should be asking why don’t it stop?

I own a handgun, I have a gun card and I’m all for everyone having the right to be armed under the right conditions.

But this is more than that.

This is war.

You can call it what you want but whether its mass shootings, drive bys, expressway shootings or caught in the crossfire, this is a battlefield, right here in our backyards.

I sat in church on Sunday and couldn’t be comfortable because I know no place and no one is safe.

I come from West Pullman (now that’s a war zone), but there was a shooting this past week in suburban Woodridge off of 75th Ave and another the other night at Foster beach. Places you didn’t think would have to to deal with this.

We hear all the political rhetoric from the White House to the campaign trail.

But have them or any other politician had to bury their own over this?

I have.

Just in April I was in Detroit burying my cousin, worst trip of my life.

I’m still not over Mike being gone, cried in my hotel room, cried driving down the Edsel Freeway and all the way back here down I-94.

I walk a lonely stroll from people gone at the hands of the another with a bullet.

Its true words don’t do it justice.

I’ve been dealing with this crap since April of 1992, I keep a picture of Marcus Campbell in my home office, its from us in boy scouts, he never graduated from Jones Commercial.

And over the next few days you will similar stories of young people who never got old, ended up dead and cold from an gunman’s rage.

More families planning funerals, more mothers crying, more children with one parent less and more parents burying a child.

We imprison more people than any country on earth and still have people gunned down in the street like dogs.

What kind of barbaric society are we running here?

This is not civilization because we damn sure ain’t civilized.

We kill each other over nothing, we marginalized people, don’t pay them, don’t respect them and we the greatest country on earth huh?

Ask any of us from the ‘hood and the terror most of us lived with for decades.

Some might say this is chickens coming home to roost.

But its more than that, we are a country of fear and bullying.

You want proof?

Look at the political landscape, right downstate in Springfield, right on the 5th floor of city hall. Tell me that’s how people should be treated?

Look at the campaign trail and the rhetoric that’s vomited at us daily in sickening soundbites and worthless commercials.

Have you heard a solution to anything yet?

Or just spiteful speeches and one bill of goods trying to be sold after another.

People writing checks that they ass can’t cash but their large pocketed political backers can.

There’s a longer list of what we can’t control than what we can. Every community I know has a drug problem and with it brings crime.

And it seems like we have more guns than people, most people I know do have a gun and we aren’t gonna shoot anything or anyone up.

I was listening to some music today that I bought in 2000 and jammed to that summer. Seems like so long ago, before 9/11 and we lost so many rights and freedoms.

And what do we have to show for it? A false sense of security and more killings.

So now we just have to hope none of us or anyone we love is at the next shooting, whether gang related on a corner, down the Eisenhower or God knows where.

All I know is with how things are going its a matter of where and when and not if.
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