Being The Crazy Black Father

Being The Crazy Black Father

Best thing about being a dad, I get to be the crazy black old man

This week my beloved son turns a year old and a love that little guy to death but he has brought out the crazy black father in me.

What do I mean?

Well I know we really can’t talk about Bill Cosby anymore but think of the late great Bernie Mac in his family show a decade ago.

You’d think he was losing his mind sometimes or that he was joking but let me tell you, my kid can’t even talk yet and I’ve gone all crazy black old man on him.

See I’ve just turned 40 (yeah I know with a toddler), and I’m old school, so I’m not my son’s friend. I may call him buddy, but I’m not his buddy.

I’m his daddy and sometimes yo daddy need to kick yo ass.
Simple as that.

Sometimes yo daddy need to tell you the hard truth, or get all up in yo face and figure out what the hell is wrong with you.

Its not an act I swear.

I can’t even control it.

It’s the soul of my late father and his memorable sayings coming out of my mouth.

My wife things I’m too hard on him.

But my mother understands.

You see these streets out here?

They will eat you up if you not prepared and don’t have a strong family backing.

I want to make sure my son is like me, I can go anywhere and succeed, deal with any kinds of people, any kind of situation and not lose my mind.

But when I’m with my son and he tests me, my sanity might not all be there.

I may speak in tongues like is says in scripture.

I may just say “Boy”, and can’t articulate another damn word.

And if you hear me say “Looka here”, watch out, cause I’m ‘bout to drop knowledge.

Remember a decade ago when Dusty Baker was the Chicago Cubs manager and he sometimes said things that made no sense whatsoever?

That’s remnants of being a black father.

I’m honored to have lived long enough and have a good wife to have my son and to be a black father but the responsibility is a lot.

As black men we are targets, talk about black lives matter all you want but black on black crime is still a major issue.

I’ve had my close calls, I’ve made dumb mistakes but my father prepared me and saved me in many situations. Including saving me from myself.

I have to make sure my son understands the world and how the world sees him.

He will have to remain cool in some uncomfortable conditions and leap over some stereotypes even from other black people.

He will need to be as strong as he is smart and know when to simple “let things go”.

Every fight is not worth getting involved in yet some issues can’t be ignored, he will need to know the different.

That’s my job to get him ready by any means necessary.
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