Give It Up For Southside Baseball

Give It Up For Southside Baseball

I’ll be honest going into this season, I didn’t think much of this White Sox baseball team. I know, I know it’s late April and you can’t win a World Series in the spring.
But you can lose one.

How many years did the south side guys start off slow and find themselves looking up at the entire division before Mother’s Day?

It’s their best start in 10 years, the year AFTER the championship year.

Doesn’t matter, we appreciate when the team does well.

I respect the team on the other side of town and what they are doing.

But how great is it when both teams are in the top five in all of baseball, especially with the Good Guys as the best team in the American League?

As a baseball city, we have to have the best pitching in all of baseball and that’s the key for any great team.

Remember how the championship White Sox could just pitch like crazy?

I know traditional White Sox baseball is hitting the smack out of the ball but to truly have success pitching has to be key at 35th & Shields.

Think of all the great throwers from Wilbur Wood, Floyd Bannister, Jack McDowell, Mark Buerle and now Chris Sale, those guys lead the Sox with strong arms and holding the other teams down at the plate.

And lets not forget about defense. Did you see that triple play last week?

Or Adam Eaton gunning down someone at third base from right field the other day.

The key to any good Sox team is balance, think about the winning teams from recent memory, the 2008 team that went to the playoffs.

I was at the “Blackout Game” where they won 1-0 on great pitching and defense.

The obvious Championship team of 2005.

The division winning teams of 1983, 1993 & 2000 all had that balance of pitching, timely hitting and defense.

You don’t need saber metrics to achieve that, just have quality baseball.

Now yes coaching, I’m not big on Robin Ventura as a manager, loved him as a player but whatever he is doing is working for now.

Same with Coop the pitching coach, can’t hate how he has developed arms and not overused anyone.

Pitching is an art, our bodies aren’t made to pitch and you see a guy like Chris Sale and wonder how he does it but dude is dominating. 5-0 in April, a lot of guys don’t get on a roll like that all year.

And then there is senior management, I am a Kenny Williams fan, not always crazy about his tactics but he usually gets his man and how about the way he handled the Adam LaRoche situation?

Yeah forgot about that since the team is doing well, its true winning solves everything.

True for Kenny its his way or the expressway right outside of the ballpark but it works and Jerry Reinsdorf has been a good owner, even though this team is very different than the north side club for us south siders this is our team, our baseball and from the looks of it, might be our year.

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