The Frustrations Of My Metropolis

The Frustrations Of My Metropolis

What you saw on the streets of the near west side out side of the planned political rally of one leading Republican presidential candidate was pure frustrations.

If you looked in the faces of the people fighting, the people protesting its the presence of those who needs aren’t being met.

The anger, the hostility, you think its just the candidates who are yelling.

No its a lot of us.

You have a candidate who stirs up people with a message of turning back the clock to when things were great. But it was not great for all.

This isn’t that time travel movie from 31 one years ago when you can go 88 miles per hour in a defunct car and make everything better.

We need to work it out.

You can’t have candidates bringing up old wounds and promising great things most of us know will never happen.

Our unfair city is one of violence, dominated by street gangs even in broad daylight.

Those of us young African American men who made it out were not unscathed, we left many behind, we buried even more. We saw an unfair system take those who couldn’t resist the temptations of the night.

For years I had nightmares about the violence of my old neighborhood, years after I had moved away.

When I lived in the hood, it felt like no one cared, except this time of year when politicians came pimping for votes.

Writing verbal checks with your name on it but cashing them for themselves after they were in office.

Speaking of checks a lot of the frustrations on both sides of the aisle are from wages and the lack of increase and the lack of “good jobs” that a certain spouse of a candidate shipped overseas two decades ago.

The reaping and weeping we have now is from the sowing and greed planted years ago.

The “chickens come home to roost” that was stated over five decades ago have offspring more countless than the stars and we have to deal with them.

Our “great society” never was that great, so don’t get bamboolzed, led astray or run amuck.

Our volatile streets and unstable economy came from prior administrations that led us to believe in trickling down economics, less care for those who could needed it most. Our less care became careless.

I was approached tonight in Will County by a person so called “down on their luck” driving a better truck than I was. I gave him the same unsympathetic look I give these yelling politicians, telling me about change then want my last fitty cents.

Our fears and frustrations have manifested themselves on the biggest political stage we have and are driving people in the streets to express their displeasure.

I understand how people feel but we are better than this, our best chance at any change is less than three days away, lets make the most of it.

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