The Saga of a Car Guy

The Saga of a Car Guy

So every day since sometime in July I’ve noticed a car sitting in someone’s driveway near my house. I don’t know why but I’ve become enamored with it. I slow down to look at it every time I drive past.
It’s a Hyundai Tiburon, probably a 2003 or 2004, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t run because it hasn’t moved, its tires are low and sits in the same spot. The body looks fine outside its dirty.

For a short about of time there was a sign on it but I couldn’t read it from the street and was I battling an upper respiratory infection and figured I get to the car and go to the house the next week and by then the sign was off. The car is still sitting there.

Look I know the car is not a classic and with flat tires and not running for months, that’s already a few hundred just to get it going and maybe replace the tires.

Okay so let me be honest here, this car reminds me of my first car a light blue 1986 Nissan 200SX. Its a little import hatchback like it and a darker shade of blue, even has grey wheels like it. So there’s some nostalgia going on here.

It doesn’t look to be leaking any large amounts of fluid, at least not dripping down the driveway into the street.

Since its sitting outside would have to make sure nothing is or was living in it. Also need to check brake lines, they might collapse and sometimes brake pads “seize up” too. The battery might be dead, so might need to replace that too.

The car sits in the driveway on a busy street, might be some chipped paint, salt damage or other touch up work needed, I can do that, no big deal.

Then of course I need to store it, no room at my place, that’s what stopped me from getting a “project car” so far, well that an a lack of cash.

But why let a little thing like that stop me? My father used to keep cars in the backyard (which I don’t have), and had an account at the credit union for stuff like that.

I haven’t gone to the house to ask about the car, though I’ve asked people about cars before, usually that tactic doesn’t work.

I once asked a neighbor about his 1987 red Ford Thunderbird and he wasn’t interested in selling it. I told him to keep me in mind if he ever changed his mind. Unfortunately I think the old man has passed or is in a nursing home. The car is gone and the house is for sale and I haven’t seen him in a while.

See for us car guys, a car is more than just transportation, even a crappy car usually has some meaning or you’re gonna get around to fixing it up. Selling the car is like giving up on it and us car guys usually think a car can be saved. That one day you’ll find the time, the money and get that car going again.

I’ve told you about my dad’s 1967 Camaro, a project car that never got finished but we found a good home for it. I know we speak about cars like a pet or a person.

I can’t explain it when you are a car guy, I’ve owned nine cars in a little over 20 years and several of those I really couldn’t afford but bought them anyway.

But I’ll be still looking at that Tiburon.

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