My Son's First Trip To The Chicago Auto Show

My Son's First Trip To The Chicago Auto Show

I can’t tell you how excited I was to share my love of the Chicago Auto show with my son. Okay so he’s 8 months old.

But this a tradition I shared with my late father who first took me when I was probably six or seven years old. I remember standing in line downstairs at the old McCormick Place (Lakeside Center), when the trucks were downstairs and cars upstairs. And my dad explaining engines and showing me car parts. Of course my dad’s favorite section was the vendors in the back selling car wax, rags, rims and every other auto accessory under the sun.

I first must thanks the gracious staff at the front of the Chicago Auto Show for accommodating my family with my son’s large jogging stroller and my cell phone that was problematic with my electronic tickets.  Yeah I was “that guy”, tying up the line Saturday morning.

I also want to thank the two GMC reps for taking the time to talk to us (we own a 2005 GMC Envoy Denali), about the new Acadia.

Also big ups to Chevrolet for their comfortable cell phone charging station and that we could feed my son a bottle there as well.

Yeah in my over 30 years of attending the Chicago Auto Show, it a totally different experience with a stroller and an eight month old. But like I said the staff was excellent and other gracious patrons as I tried to get photos for future blogs and talk to reps.

My son is used to being out and among people, so he was not overwhelmed, in fact about halfway through he got bored. I knew I had about a two hour window to get through the whole show and that’s about what he gave us, thanks son.

At several times I took my son out of his stroller and showed him the Cadillac engines, which he was amused by and together we sat in a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

That was special.

It means so much to me to share the traditions that my father started with me with my son. I know he won’t remember that this young age but still we have pictures.

I think my son was disappointed there were not “Oball Cars” there. Yes that’s the toy car he plays with right now, I just ordered a second one so we can race. Remember he’s 8 months old.

It doesn’t stop me from having him watch Motorweek, Barrett-Jackson & Mecum classic car auctions and several other car shows.

Yes I’m hoping he’s a “car guy” like my dad was and my brother is but maybe not. I was a car guy when I was young, faded away from it as a teenager and then came back full force as a young adult.

I want my son to be his own man and do what he loves but I will give him inspiration and ideas of what I love and what his late grandfather was into as well.

As for his first auto show, well he slept at the end and was tired the whole second half but it was being there that counted that we could share that time together.

He’s becoming a little boy and I cherish every moment we get together, no matter what that might be doing but I prefer car stuff and hope he does too.


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