This Weeks' Faith Message "Birth To Truth"

This Weeks' Faith Message "Birth To Truth"

This week’s second reading tells us “The Father willed to give us birth by word of truth that we may a kind of first fruits of his creatures” (James 1:18), think about that we were born to truth.

Further more we are told “Humbly welcome the word that has been planted in you and is able to save your souls”. (James 1:21). Yes both “The Word” and the truth may not be what we want to hear but will not lead you astray.

Also we hear from James “Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves”. (James 1:22).

Let me say this, none of this is easy, to follow the word, live the truth and be to our potential.

Since the last time I’ve done spiritual writing, I’ve been through a lot, welcomed a son (talk about born into truth), changed jobs twice which included following one dream have had to walk away from another dream.

But I’ve gained inner peace, “found myself” and am in much better place than I thought possible. Though I went through the struggles of truth, doubt and criticism to get here.

It all started with the birth of my son who is the truth, if you ever want to feel the spirit and see the power of God’s work spend time with a small child. Its God love in action and literally in the flesh.

After experiencing that much love and God’s faith in me to raise this child, I knew I had to get myself right and start purging negativity and work on my own faith. Thus I followed the spirit and was given an opportunity to follow a long time professional dream that ended up not working out but I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Its what James refers to in being a doer of the word, I followed my heart and what I thought would make me better but it was a difficult road and thus it lead me to having lots of time at home with my son until the next door opened for me. And has James referred to being a doer I worked for my next professional chance and had plenty and I mean a plethora of assistance, help, you name it.

My wife and I hare blessed to have “The Village” behind us in raising our child and it takes the whole village some days. But no regrets in moving forward, now I will admit I was making moved without being able to see my feet move forward or where this path will lead.

You’ve heard of the whole “Let go and let God”, well it works but its scary, as I always quote you have to “Walk by Faith and not by sight” and for the first time in years I had to live that mantra.

Let me tell you its one thing to sit here on Monday nights and write “The Word”, its another thing to live “The Word”, for weeks at a time. Its truly the earlier quote of “Humbly welcome the word”, you can’t just read the word, recite the word or even believe the word.

The Word is a living breathing organism just like the spirit and they can take you places you never thought you’d be but its the letting go of the old, hard stuff.

I was watching a favorite show of mine, TV One’s Unsung and the R&B legend Al B Sure said “The Devil is Busy” and is he ever, its not just for the rich but anyone can  be tempted and its when you are living your faith but can’t see what’s in front of you that the devil will question you. You have to “keep it moving” as a friend of mine always says (yes you Jason), be so the devil can’t keep up and your faith doesn’t allow in that doubt.

I’ll end this by saying by living through one dream and it doesn’t work and another dream doesn’t seem possible, we have to remember its His Will that is what we need to follow and the dreams that come with it are far beyond what we can imagine.

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