Tomorrow We Become Parents

Tomorrow We Become Parents

Tomorrow morning my wife will be induced into labor after 41 weeks of carrying our child. We’ve been working on this in some form or fashion since last summer and obviously you know the end result but now it hits you.

When the sun comes up again it will dawn the day that we become parents. Holy…….

I must first thank my wife, family, friends and co-workers for their generosity and for having such kind words to say and think that we will be great parents.

I had excellent examples from my parents, grandparents and family.

And yes I’m scared as hell.

But yes I’m excited to finally take that next step with such huge responsibility. My wife has been the cliched “trooper”, the quintessential “tough cookie”, heck she worked full time and drove until Friday.

Man if that was me being pregnant I would have been bedridden since Halloween.

Its been a trip so far that has been way more long and strange than Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead could have ever imagined.

And our kid isn’t even here yet.

This is kid is amazing and we haven’t even got it out yet. But the spirit of new life is something to behold, how it brings people together, sets you on a different path and makes you see the world differently.

By this time Thursday night we should have our bundle of joy and enter the world I thought was so far far away of parenthood. A world of no sleeping, a lot of yelling and the most frightful, turning into your own parents.

So our day starts early at the hospital and we aren’t even sure how it will go, we’ve met with the doctor earlier in the week, he gave us an idea and rough timeline of how the day should go.

But this is about the miracle of life, “God’s work”, I got all worked up today over details and then looked into that clear blue sky and had to remind myself to “Trust Him”, and let go.

I know I will cry, I will think of my late father, gone now 13 months but tomorrow I may see his smile again, see the twinkle he used to have in his eye and I’m told I’ll be introduced to a “Love Supreme”.

I can’t wait.

I know there will be later moments maybe not so great but plenty of times that will be. I think of my own childhood and was telling my wife over the weekend of the great love I experienced early on in life that I have never forgotten.

Then like now, there were people I knew and respected but they honestly loved the hell out of me, went out of their way for me. I’m still stunned by the respect and kindness we have received these last few months.

I try to stay humble, “Do His Will”, be the good servant and I guess it paid off.

We walk in those hospital doors tomorrow morning a married couple and by the end of the day we will be a family.

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