The Power Of The Vote

The Power Of The Vote

The people have spoken.

Despite really low turnout, changes have been made politically from Joliet all the way to Chicago and even some politicians that got reelected had to fight their way back in.

We start in my neck of the woods Northern Will County and Joliet (the state’s fourth largest city), has new leadership. After the last few years of issues with snow removal (or the lack thereof), crime, public housing and two large privately owned entities that have been propped up by the city, there is a new mayor.

In Lockport, there are two new aldermen and one new alderwoman. Lockport has only four wards but each ward has two aldermen and only one of those was up this time. But there have been issues of development (and what kind), street maintenance and water improvements. Two of the alder people that were voted out often voted against development and the town moving forward.

To its east in Homer Glen, they elected a new mayor. After two large issues of a private golf course being bought out by the city to be turned into a park and a recent issue regarding one of the towns’ most lucrative (yet seasonal), business, new leadership will be in.

The interesting thing in Homer Glen is, the primary for mayor was actually led by a write in candidate who was not allowed on the ballot. Yet still the incumbent mayor (a distant cousin of a longtime Chicago mayor), was defeated now in the general election. So technically he lost twice, that’s how bad the people there wanted him out.

And to the south in New Lenox, their mayor was reelected but faced a significant challenger and even a third candidate who was an unlikely young man but brought some issues to table. New Lenox is one of those towns with a ton of development but there have been questions if the development is the “right kind” and being done the “right way”.

It was just reported that Will County leads the state in people moving out and Illinois only trails New York in states of people moving out.
It’s a bad combination of lack of jobs, high taxes and infrastructure that is not being improved, thus people are unhappy and you have politicians being voted out.

In Chicago though the incumbent mayor got back in office it was not without a fight and lots of issues being brought up.
And the alderman who faced runoffs, most of the incumbents did get back in but not without having to earn it.

This is why women fought for suffrage 100 years ago and why African Americans marched for the vote over 50 years ago. The vote has power and for once we saw it in action. I know I lot of people wonder “if their vote counts” and even as a political fan I’ve been frustrated with our government and process.

But on Tuesday it was made known that people are unhappy and politicians need to stay on their toes.

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