Second To Last Week Of Lent: Our Friendship With God

Second To Last Week Of Lent: Our Friendship With God

We are in the home stretch for Lent, with next week being “Holy Week” and the end of Lent, this is the last full regular week. But we need to remain focused and remember its not just about the sacrifice we made and then imbibing in that once Easter is here.

Over the past weekend I visited with some lifelong friends (Thanks Young family), people who have been there for me and saw potential in me when I was little. They helped me achieve things I never thought possible (Eagle Scout and other scouting honors along with becoming a man and keeping me out of harms way), and that’s how we need to see Jesus as an old friend.

Someone who is there for us, helps us reach our faith and exceed what we believe is possible because as it says in Luke 18:27, “All is possible with God”.

As with any friendship it required effort on our part to reach out to them, work with them and let them know we care.

And Easter is simply preparing for our friend to come over, we have spent weeks getting ourselves right and its not out of fear that we do this its love and respect.

We think about all of the times we spent with our friend over the years and then share what is coming up as well.

Our relationship with God is as simple as that, we wouldn’t want to let our friend down, and we want to take care of our friend. As Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:45, “Whatever you have done for the least of my brothers, you have done it for me”.

I admit the Lenten sacrifice I made of abstaining from alcohol has been way more difficult than I expected but also made me see things differently too. I’m definitely stronger and openly admit to using liquor as a crutch on days when I should just reflect or simply relax.

I also think of the lives of several relatives who I believe their lives were shortened by the abuse of alcohol and it’s downright humbling. I will tell you that I drank quite a bit between 10-15 years ago, more than I should have.

I think of those relatives no longer here, whom I miss dearly and seemingly were more talented and better than people than I.

And I struggle with my existence and their loss but I must trust my friend Jesus that He knows why that is. And its why I write these religious blogs is to spread the word, use my gift of writing and make sure my time and gift are not in vain.

I’m open and honest with you because people greater than me (like my own pastor), tells us about his faults and what he needs to do to get better. Originally I thought, he’s a priest and a pastor isn’t he already good?

But I’ve learned good is not great and God loves us but we need to be “more like Him”, thus the Lenten season is our time to be a better friend, a better Christian and welcome our friend and have an even better relationship with him.

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