Lent Week 5; And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Lent Week 5; And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

So we are deep in the Lenten season now and our biggest issue is ourselves and not being led astray by temptation.

We have to remember the beginning of the fourth chapter of the gospel of Matthew ” Then Jesus was led by the Spirit out into the desert to be put to the test by the devil.”

The biggest distraction of any faith minded person is doubt and temptation. Those of us who have given up anything during this journey must remain steadfast and strong. I’m sure you’ve seen the results of your “Lenten Sacrifice”, and realized you can live without that thing more than you thought.

That’s the power of faith to find strength that we didn’t know we had. Because we are truly never alone, never without His power and His mercy.

But we must have the virtue of patience because faith and prayer is not “microwaved results”, it takes time and may not be in a form that we initially wanted.
Not only that but we must be patient with each other but have the balance to know how to take care of ourselves.

We can’t fall into the sin of “sloth” and have others do for us when we are capable, our job here is to serve. Obviously God first but as Jesus taught us in the gospel of John (13:34) “I give you a new commandment: love one another; you must love one another just as I have loved you”. This means we love unconditionally and that we love mind, body & soul. Not just when its easy.

And this is the season of spring, of birth and renewal, we must be adamant in renewing our faith and that’s where Lent comes in that we can sacrifice and improve our prayer and faith presence.

Just as the proverbial “Hope springs eternal”, we must be positive in ourselves and in our outlook for despair and depression is another form of temptation. We cannot give up for the Lord has not given up on us.

This whole Lenten season and going into Easter is how he died for us our since, that we may have eternal life. We are never beyond or above His love, not only is it everlasting but it is always with us.

I’ll be honest, plenty of times I’m not acting “in his image” but I always try to come back to the faith and remember why I am here, that he lets me rise each day and that I need to be his representative.

It’s not easy, serving in not just when it’s convenient for me, I am married and it means I need to not just honor my wife but serve her as I do the Lord. Yeah I know not what current society wants you to hear.

Pictured is the church we were married at St Margaret of Scotland, I often think of the vows we said there and that we must live up to those vows and be there for each other.

We have to be there for each other not just hear what we want so then we can speak, its not about our “two cents”, but about our presence for each other and providing the presence for those who need it.

I’ve learned (the hard way), to try and not judge others because you never know what battles they face, what trials they are going through. For those of us that don’t have that burden presently we are blessed and need to share the light with others.

Despite that Lent is a time of working on our faith and preparing for the Lord’s coming its not just about us, the church is never about one, its about all of us and that we serve each other.

I’ve been trying to make sure to reach out to people, even though I have a full schedule, we need to simply say hey to people, even electronically, it helps them and you. I reached out to my brother on Sunday, hadn’t heard from him in a while and it was refreshing to just get texts from him.

We must remember love is contagious and addictive, nothing moves faster than a smile, a laugh or a silly giggle. Try ignoring it, you can’t, so even in this season where we are about change, positivity is always welcome, especially with only a few weeks of Lent to go.

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