How Not To Draft A Fantasy Baseball Team

How Not To Draft A Fantasy Baseball Team

I’m one of those guys who loves fantasy drafts. I’d sit around and do a fantasy rugby draft if you let me. I’ve done fantasy leagues in football, basketball, baseball, hockey and NASCAR.

Now I admit I’ve done okay in fantasy football, in 15 seasons three league championships and two in the last four seasons. Last year was the first year I lost more than I won in five seasons.

But I’ve been a cellar dweller every time in baseball and I think it’s because I can’t be objective and as winning minded as in football.

Last year having gone to spring training in Arizona for the second straight spring I only drafted players I saw in the week I was out there. That was only four games and I wasn’t choosing superstars. Yeah I know, I chose a roster of guys who rode a lot of bench, a number of players who were sent to the minors at some point and the few good players got hurt.

Still that’s better than the almost all White Sox team I’ve drafted in the past and we aren’t talking the 2005 World Series Champs or the last postseason team from 2008. I love my White Sox, maybe too much. So by May this team was way out of fantasy championship contention. Did I mention I drafted a few Cubs players too? Yeah Chicago was well represented, in last place.

One year I drafted a team based on favorite players, most who happened to be past their primes, again not pretty.

I can’t tell you what makes a good fantasy baseball team because I’ve never had one.

I’ve had a few fantasy basketball teams that were top three and contended but baseball, the sport I know better than any other and managed equipment for in high school I completely suck at in fantasy.

Now why should I care? I was a half decent baseball player and can still hit and catch but never could run worth a damn.

I’ve spent two springs in Arizona watching cactus league games and I absolutely love minor league baseball and going to the independent Joliet Slammers near my home.

But I can’t do “make believe baseball” to save my life.

And you think a fantasy baseball draft would be simple, just get a bunch of position players, a few pitchers and you are set.

But unlike fantasy football it’s a daily operation maintaining the team like fantasy basketball, keeping the right people playing, the hurt guys on the bench, picking up players, dropping the scrubs.

Though I never get that far because I get all the wrong guys from day one.

And its rotisserie baseball that started the whole fantasy sports craze back in the early 1980’s. Obviously that wasn’t invented by me.

This year, I don’t know who to choose, maybe I’ll just be bad on purpose, draft only people named Johnson. But hey Micah Johnson for the Sox should be good, loved that guy in last year’s spring training.

But maybe for his sake I should avoid him, he shouldn’t have to start his career on some guys bad fantasy team that looks like a family reunion gone wrong.


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