Our Kid Is Messing With Us And Isn't Even Born Yet

Our Kid Is Messing With Us And Isn't Even Born Yet

Today marks 21 weeks in my wife’s pregnancy and means we are little more than halfway to seeing our child in mid May. So this afternoon was the big ultrasound where you supposedly can see real progress and growth in the child and maybe find out if its a boy or girl.

I admit I was nervous leading up to the appointment, thinking of the next 20 some years and how would I relate to this child, how could I even be close to the excellent example my late father left for me?

So my wife and I go to the doctor and he starts the ultrasound and I’m literally sweating, he’s checking the kid out, size, numbers, everything is good. My wife is in good shape everything is in order.

The doctor then says with a little drama, so you ready to find out?

And then he checks and moves the ultrasound piece around and is looking and looking and baby is moving and moving, first he thinks he sees something.

And then the baby “mooned” us.

I’m serious, baby went full booty on us, the kid is months from being born and already playing games. And not cooperating with us, great, I think this might be the first of lots of karma for me.

That wasn’t all, the doctor is still checking, even took a short break and checked some more.

Baby crossed it legs, its like its a damn game, you think you may find out and baby goes nope, not today you aren’t.

Reminds me of my old man, never telling you the whole story, never giving you the full recipe. They say children are like their grandparents, oh if that’s the case I’m in trouble, my dad was a rascal, people called him “wild child”, even when he was grown.

Kid is acting just like that, giving us hide and go seek, even though baby is in a space smaller than a phone booth.

I guess this is my first taste of parenting, thinking I know it all and kid is just going to do what I say and then I get this.

But regardless it was exhilarating to see the child, almost a pound now, and all is good so far. So I couldn’t be more pleased and can’t wait for the kid to get here.

But I’m going ask it, hey why where you playing around on us back when we were trying to figure you out?

Somewhere my dad is laughing at me.

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