Our First Serious Trip To The Baby Store

Our First Serious Trip To The Baby Store

So over the weekend my 23 week pregnant wife and I went to a one of those chain retail baby stores. No not that sell babies but all the stuff you need and yeah man its a lot of stuff. We also went to a big box store and looked at baby stuff, this is the first time we are talking a hard took at these items, baby is due in late May by the way.

I’ve seen pictures from my 1970’s childhood and you wonder how I survived without all this stuff. But my mother and late father were old school and I just hope to half the parents they were.

Anyway the first thing we looked at was a stroller, there were seemingly thousands of them, runner strollers, tandems, you name it. There were a few that had bigger and thicker tires than my four wheel drive SUV. Almost cost as much too. I’m like really? One even had rubber grip in the handle like my good batting practice baseball bat. I liked that one. No joke, theses things were like cars with all the options. I tell you what our kid will be riding in style.

Then we looked at car seats, seems now kids are in some sort of car seat contraption until high school. Man I remember being like three or four years old and just in a single lap belt, sitting in the front seat of one of my dad’s cars and that was it. And I’m told when I was younger than that my mother held me sometimes.

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the middle of the bench seat in my dad’s GMC pick up truck (probably his 1979 when it was new, or maybe even his 1976 truck before he sold it), single cab truck, just a belt strap and that’s it.

So now you have the car seat that has a base and can be part of this elaborate stroller, remember the one with four wheel drive and the grip on the handle? Yeah this is crazy, prices are high too, couldn’t help but notice that.

But what also got me was “pack and plays”, back in the day it was a “playpen” that’s also the name of a strip club near O’Hare but you didn’t hear that from me. Thing is these pack and play’s are now portable and small. My mother has a picture of me in a playpen in the back room of my childhood home in West Pullman. I look like I’m in jail. That thing was massive, took up like half of a good sized bed room, now the biggest one is three feet by three feet.

So let me get this straight, kids are bigger, they have SUV’s for strollers but the playpen got smaller? I guess because they are portable.

Then we looked at swings, the small indoor kind that rock a kid to sleep, they were weird, I think my mother said I had some kind of hand crank model, damn I’m old.
These new ones are battery powered, some play music, one vibrated like a bed at a cheap motel (I read about that in a book), and one swung violently like a amusement park ride.We’ll have to see about this thing.

They even had a special garbage can for diapers, which I liked but I guess it takes special bags. Those of you who know me, I’d get that can and put Aldi trash bags in it (I got too much of my great late father in me), but just wow, all these things they have come up with.

We noticed that walkers are still around, my wife isn’t crazy about those, I think I had one that stayed at my grandparents and they lived in a apartment in Chatham, it must of sounded like someone pushing a stove around to the neighbors downstairs.

But its good to know a lot of the toys haven’t changed, that tower of “O” rings that’s multicolored is still around, I remember having that.

And people still use rocking chairs, though now they call them “gliders”, look its a rocking chair with a foot rest okay? Anyway my mother still has hers, I have fond memories of that chair.

Of course cribs and bassinets are still around with of course a lot of safety upgrades. And I guess if the baby’s room if big enough some people put another chair in there like a soft living room chair, I can see that but our space is limited.

Anyway we are moving on in becoming parents and down the road will need to start a registry of what we need and already people have been generous with promises of all kinds of stuff and its appreciated.

Now about that four wheel drive stroller…….
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