Burt Reynolds' Smokey & The Bandit Car Will Be Up For Auction

Burt Reynolds' Smokey & The Bandit Car Will Be Up For Auction

You may have heard that Burt Reynolds is auctioning off a lot of memorabilia and awards from over the years. He claims its hard to manage it all but some media outlets are questioning his financial status.

Regardless, many of his prized possessions, awards, pictures and one of kind items will be auctioned off next weekend in Las Vegas, Julien’s auctions is handling that.

But there’s one item that intrigues me and its not part of that auction. It’s literally my first love, no not his ex wife Loni Anderson.

Yes its the “Bandit” car from his 1977 hit movie “Smokey & The Bandit”. A replica of the car from the movie that Mr. Reynolds personally ordered and owned will be on the auction block on Saturday January 24th In Kissimmee Florida and it is Lot R202 not to be confused with Lot T120 which is a similar car (its a 1977 instead of Mr. Reynolds 1978), but also in real good condition.

So yes my first love is a car, I was small when the movie came out and one of my dad’s co-workers owned one of these and I would just stare at it every time I saw it. It was an immensely popular car at the time and so was the movie. So as a kid I just could not get enough of the car down to the firebird on the hood which some guys called “the screaming chicken”. Didn’t matter to me (then or now), its still a cool car.

The car in question is a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am in Starlight Black and is fully loaded with only 15,000 miles.

Here’s the official description from Mecum, the classic car auction house that will handle the car’s sale:

“Powered by the Pontiac 6.6L V-8 engine teamed with a Turbo 3-speed automatic, this T/A gets extra performance from the optional WS6 Performance Package consisting of a larger diameter sway bar, tighter steering box gear ratio, GR70-15 raised White letter radial tires (in this case period-correct Goodrich Radial T/As) as well as the aforementioned alloy wheels. Reynolds had the car equipped with power steering and front disc brakes, air conditioning, glass T-Top roof panels and tinted glass, then added an Eclipse CD stereo, Cobra CB radio and custom leather seats with Bandit embroidery in the headrests. Documented with a copy of the previous title in Burt Reynolds’ name and personalized California license plate bearing BANDT22, the car also comes with Pontiac Historical Society documentation showing its origin as a factory Starlight Black Trans Am.”

Now what is something like this worth? Well celebrity ownership aside (and that its been in a museum the last five years), these can go from anywhere around $ 10,000 with some high miles on them upwards to $ 70,000 for a one in mint condition. Yes there are a number of these cars still in existence in very good condition but they weren’t owned by the original “Bandit”. I would not be surprised if this went up to $ 100,000 and was purchased by a car collector or the celebrity car enthusiasts at the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL.

Now the original cars from the movie were not like this, since the movie was made in 1976 the ’77 model wasn’t available yet, so they purchased 1976 models (three of them), and modified the nose and body to look like the forthcoming 1977 model. And yes all three movie cars were virtually destroyed in jumps and stunt moves.

But the replica cars are what I remember being on the street and yes its a ’70’s sports car that has aged gracefully and though Pontiac is no longer made, this classic car is still around and baddest of them all will be for the taking next month. And yes I still want one.

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