What Should Replace The Chevrolet SS?

What Should Replace The Chevrolet SS?

Over two years ago (June 6, 2012) with the introduction of the Chevrolet SS I wrote “It is good for NASCAR & Us” and I had high hopes for the rear wheel performance car (and so did General Motors), but seems few other people did.

So from what I understand Chevrolet is not going to make the poor selling Chevrolet after 2017 (per Motor Authority), and I understand why. First remember this is a Australian car (Holden), and like the Holden transplant cars before it the late Pontiac GTO & G8 (also poor sellers), they just didn’t catch on.

Not to mention the Holden plant in Australia will close in 2017, so unless that production comes to this side of the Pacific (I doubt it), then the Chevrolet SS will be no more.

Which brings the next question, what will be Chevrolet’s large performance car? Now the obvious answer is to offer the next Impala with an SS package but the last two times that was made (2004-2006 with a supercharged V6 & 2006-08 with the 5.3 Liter V8), it also did not sell well.

But large sedan performance cars aren’t big sellers, that’s what the more basic models are for. Though you’d think then the car would be a collectible with growing value and its not that either.

However the Impala SS of the mid 1990’s (1994-1996), is a collectible, it had the Corvette engine of the day (5.7 liter LT1), and was subtle yet very cool. Not sure if that would work because the current SS has plenty of power, isn’t showy but when I finally saw it earlier this year, its nice, not the bad ass that it should be.

Also cars don’t sell themselves, Chevrolet needs to promote the car, just being in NASCAR isn’t enough. Chevrolet didn’t not bring the car to the 2013 Chicago auto show and I asked where it was and though it’s first production year was 2014, I thought having it at the auto show would be good for “getting the word out”.

I didn’t see the car shown in production form at the Chicagoland Speedway during the NASCAR races here this past fall. Though it was at this year’s Chicago Auto Show (pictured), it was parked just like any other Chevrolet, no special promotion or recognition.

But lets have some fun and create what should be the Chevrolet SS replacement should be. Not another bland car that is also used as the official Chevrolet representative in NASCAR needs to have more flavor, power and options.

Now the current Impala LTZ is already pretty loaded, 20 inch tires, the biggest engine available the 3.6 VVT V6 which is rated at over 300 horsepower but that’s a nice cruiser, what is needed is a street burner. Something that when you see it it makes you say a bad word.

Look at what Dodge offers for the Charger, they have the R/T package which has the 5.7 Hemi motor and then the screeching SRT8 with the incredible 6.2 engine. That fire power is needed for Chevrolet, if you are going to call a car an SS (which stands for super sport), then do the name and heritage right.

The current Chevrolet SS does have the basic 6.2 liter V8 engine making 415 horsepower but it looks like a taxi cab. So use an Impala with serious body molding, 22 inch wheels and use the 6.2 Liter with Eaton supercharger engine out of the Camaro ZL1 that makes a smoking 580 horsepower, put Pirelli Z rated tires on it and lower the body a little and make a beast.

Even go one step further and show the Dodge boys how to make a super car with four doors and have a limited version with the Corvette’s Z06 package with its fire breathing version of the 6.2 liter that gets 650 horsepower and use the same tire and wheel package from the Z06 and make it the best Impala SS since the late 1960’s.

Now granted these aren’t high selling units (but you want demand from enthusiasts and collectors), not the intent, this gets people in the showrooms, definitely use for racing promotions in NASCAR, Indy & Rolex series and make sure this car is American built in the historic Hamtramck/Detroit Assembly plant.

If Chevrolet created that car and marketed it properly it would have people talking and into the showroom and though it won’t be a high seller, you bring people to the brand and make other sales plus you have a killer car in your lineup, the kind us older guys dream about and little boys have posters of on their walls.

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