I'm Still a Car Guy After All

I'm Still a Car Guy After All

So I’m a car guy after all but I bought a SUV.

So after months of looking at various vehicles, figuring out what fits our needs, looking at trucks in various stages of disrepair (rusty, paint scratched up, high mileage, etc.), and even looking at a mid-life crisis car (Chevrolet Impala SS), or two I finally made a vehicle purchase.

Now I know several months ago in the midst of frustration of the vehicle search I declared I was no longer a car guy.

Not true.

I started watching car shows again soon after that (Chasing Classic Cars on Velocity is a favorite), didn’t settle for some plain Jane car or act like it wasn’t important to shop smart yet still get a vehicle I desired.

I bought a 2005 GMC Envoy Denali. Yes I bought a vehicle with the same name as the blog, pure coincidence.

Originally wanted a full size American pickup truck but simply not practical and yes in past blogs I was not in favor of an SUV but three years ago I had a Nissan Murano as a rental and it was a good experience for the couple of weeks I had it.

And now finding a General Motors equivalent was great (I’m a longtime GM fan), I completely see why people buy SUV’s, the capability, cargo space, higher driving position and winter driving advantage. And I admit I wanted something with a little luxury and some power (V8 engine), I looked at the Honda Ridgeline mid sized truck and wanted something “manly” but something I could drive everyday and not be at the wheel of a Sherman tank.

But yeah I’m a car guy too, I hunted this vehicle down, by various car apps (Auto Trader, Car Guru & Cars.com), checking the free used car catalogs at the gas station (IL Auto & RV, Windy City Wheels), and Metra station and just did hours upon hours of homework.

I now know what classic car guys go through when you “chase” a car. When you have one model in mind and am willing to drive a little further to go get it and then you finally get it. There is definitely a thrill in the chase, a lot of frustration too.

I narrowed my search to four vehicles and called the dealerships who had them, two had already been sold (hence if you see a car online always call to confirm its in stock), and one dealer simply didn’t answer the phone. One of the two dealers was very helpful in letting me know they would try to find another and of course tried to sell me something they already had but it wasn’t my vehicle of choice.

Nice try.

I’ve used the internet to shop for vehicles for 15 years but this was only the second time I called around different dealers to locate the vehicle. This time around I even checked out the dealerships ratings on various ratings sites (i.e. Yelp, Better Business Bureau, etc.), it helps when other people give you a heads up on a dealer.

So two weeks ago I went to the North Shore to get this vehicle from a Cadillac dealer and it was a pleasant experience.

I have owned nine cars, purchased seven on my own from dealers (my late father helped me with the first two), and financed five of those, so I know about buying a ride, this was as simple as it gets but I was prepared and dealing with good people.

But it almost didn’t happen as the evening I went to see this vehicle, a couple was already looking hard at the vehicle and had it running (the dealership had prepped and got the vehicle ready for me since I made a appointment to see it that evening), but I made it clear to the salesman I’d make an offer that evening for it. And after he let me take a long test drive, I was sold and made my offer not knowing if the other couple would counter offer but my deal was accepted.

The one thing to know when you buy a used vehicle is no matter how nice it is, its not new and will have some imperfections (something I learned from car shows), but its about what can you live with and if the car is physically and mechanically sound.

Needless to say this car guy is back and enjoying my “new” ride.

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