What Is DMX Doing?

What Is DMX Doing?

I walked into the dentist office on Wednesday and see Dr. Phil’s show on and he’s talking about the troubled New York rapper DMX also known as Earl Simmons. At first I’m thinking man Dr. Phil is gangsta, he must be driving around listening to “Ruff Ryders Anthem”. But then I remember seeing DMX on Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” show a few weeks earlier.

Here’s a little background on DMX aka Earl Simmons, from 1998 until 2006, he was one of the most prolific and best selling hip hop artists (including releasing two albums in 1998), all of his albums during this time debuted at # 1 on the hip hop charts, no one has equaled that. Since 1998 he has sold over 30 million albums. He’s also acted in many hip hop movies including Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds & Cradle To The Grave. This cat was the face of hip hop at the beginning of the Millennium.
But along with that musical success was a lot of run ins with the law, too many to count including drug possession, assault, weapons charges and a recent DUI.

DMX was that stereotypical angry brotha, on his songs and in interviews he has a gruff voice (often mimics the bark of a dog), and looks like someone you would not want to run into in a well lit cul de sac, much less a dark alley.

But now that DMX’s legal woes haven’t stopped but his hip hop success has, he is starting to make the rounds of the TV help shows, yet he still has his gruff attitude and is combative with the hosts of the show, its puzzling and frustrating.

On Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Hip Hop Life”, he was confronted with the relationship (or lack there of), of one of his ten children and it ended with him cussing out Iyanla and walking off the show and the episode finishing without him on screen.
DMX admits to drinking and liking to smoke marijuana, yet wants improve his life but he claims can handle these vices. Obviously it doesn’t take a TV psychiatrist to tell you this won’t work.

I’m not sure if DMX is doing these appearance for publicity to jump start his stagnant hip hop career, because he still has that hard core attitude and seems to want to keep his street cred but someone needs to tell him ain’t nothing street about looking for help then denying the problem. It takes a real man to want to get help and then admit his weaknesses and faults and addictions and then follow through on getting clean.

Trust me I have family members who have aged yet stayed in trouble with the law and drugs, there’s nothing cool about that and it doesn’t make you a tough guy or a real man.

So then on Wednesday the tough talking Texan Dr. Phil addressed DMX’s problems and gave him his signature strong & sound advice and again DMX was resistant.

He needs to understand that now in Hip Hop there is even less a need for an artist to be in trouble so that he looks tough and be seen as “keeping it real”. There are cats like Kendrick Lamar & Drake who are at that top of their games and on the top of the charts and not seen as weak or soft just because they haven’t spent time in the back of a squad car, behind bars or constantly in court.

But DMX isn’t listening to the charts or the hosts of the shows he’s appearing on. He must think this is MTV where you can go on there, act a fool and still be popular.

No this is real life, where addictions, arrests and a hard life, will give you a quick trip from the cradle to the grave and no matter how many albums you sold, one day your body will end up on a street somewhere, cold.

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