How To End The US Government Fiscal Mess

How To End The US Government Fiscal Mess

First off, our government needs to do like the rest of us minions and live within its means.

But more importantly it means those in Washington (and here at home in Springfield), need to look up the definition of the word bipartisan and read their history books of how Congress should work together to make this country better. The Constitution starts out “We The People” Not I the politician.

This isn’t an ego contest or staring competition, it’s about making the best deals in the best interest of this country. Not being concerned about legacies or if this will hurt my chances for reelection.

And let me get this out of the way, healthcare reform is needed, desperately. Now does the current healthcare reform act (please don’t call it Obamacare), need to be revised? Yes. And that doesn’t mean just push it back a year or two for next Congress or people in office to deal with it. It means grown men and women who represent millions of people need to sit down and be grown men and women and work this out. Back in the day often over big issues the door was locked until a deal was reached, there was no leaving without something being done.

As for the debt ceiling, do you think us regular Americans get to push up our debt? Well actually we did (abd we bought things wouldn’t couldn’t afford or weren’t truly qualified), and it caused a massive housing crisis and depression (that was not a recession), 5 years ago and going on today. You’ve got to make do with what you got. And yes someone people will be unhappy, boo hoo, grown folks have to make tough decisions everyday.

Listen a lot of us have jobs that are not nearly as secure as those in Washington, we are managed and everything we do is monitored and scored like a baseball game. We don’t have the freedom of those in Washington not to take action on crucial issues. Because the next action taken is we are out the door and that’s something most of us cannot afford. Heck with the rising prices and stagnant wages, we can barely afford things as they are and we are working.

A lot of these politicians act like these issues are only win, lose or draw. But its like being married (which almost all politicians are), sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes you do things for the greater good. Not all sacrifices are bad, sure it may not be what you want but every morning can’t be Christmas and every night can’t be New Year’s Eve.

Something else the government must really consider going forward is all the aid we give foreign countries (to even places that may not be crazy about), this is a new world, new economy and its time to be smarter. Charity is great but for many of us, we have to turn some good causes down because we simply don’t have the money. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you smart to be able to take care of yourself and be strong enough to say no. There’s no honor in stretching yourself too far.

And for all of the debating about a government shut down, think of how much it will cost? Not just in dollars but in our credit rating. We don’t need a larger form of the state of Illinois with a government that can’t pay its bills, handle its money or take care of its citizens. In this modern world, you’re only as good as as much as you can borrow, Doesn’t mean you run out and borrow it all, but means you are “good with money”, and can go to any institution and get favorable terms if you need a loan.

We don’t need a government that would be essentially forced to get payday loans or some other form of high interest borrowing. On the south side of Chicago, we call that “juice”. I have found personally sometimes its better to go without and save than try and do everything. Trust me, saving money feels good, making smart (albeit difficult), decisions on money never leads to buyer’s remorse.

Its said money is the root of all evil but not if you’re smart about it and treat it just as currency, not the be all and end all. Trust me “Greed is not good”, being wise is and our government is finding out the hard way.

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