Simple Steak Dinner; Grilling 103

Simple Steak Dinner; Grilling 103

One the best meals you can ever have or make is the steak dinner. And it’s surprisingly easy once you get it down. Here in Chicago people pay top dollar to the legendary Gibson’s as well as top notch chains Ruth Chris’, Smith & Wollensky’s, Sullivan’s, Lawry’s (and my favorite), Flemings on East Ohio.

The first thing about a good steak dinner is the quality of the meat, so buy the best you can afford (but you can’t go wrong with a good ribeye), the next thing to have a screaming hot grill (500 degrees or more), and here’s where a gas grill is supreme to a charcoal pit. Because you need to sear this steak, hot and fast is what you want, your higher end grills have special sections (some call it infrared), to accomplish this meal perfectly.

You do not need to put a lot of seasoning on the steak, because the meat should speak for itself. All you need is a little salt and pinch of steak seasoning (preferably Montreal Steak seasoning), as well as rub the steak with the highest quality olive oil you can get.

Now most chefs & connoisseurs will tell you that a medium rare steak is ideal, especially for your more expensive cuts but I like all meat cooked to at least medium (little to no pink inside), but that’s my personal opinion. I do know not to overcook a steak and I watch the juices coming out of the steak to know when it’s done, once the blood clears and the juices are clear then you know you are at the end of your cooking time. If it’s a thicker steak and just leaving it on the grill to cook even, that’s fine but you don’t need crusts on the end or it starting to blacken.

You also don’t want to flip too many times, twice is ideal, anything more than three will turn it from tender into an army boot, so treat that steak carefully. The best steaks are meaty but can be cut with a butter knife. They have subtle flavor without having spice cover the flavor of the meat.
Now granted there are cheap steaks out there (Chuck), and you can make a decent meal out of them, a tad more seasoning (tenderizer is what I use), and cook them the same but pull it off the grill and then put them in the oven prior to serving and it tenderizes it some more.

Of course some sautéed onions and or mushrooms just adds to the flavor off the steak without knocking it down.

And a side of a potato can’t be wrong, my father liked fries, my wife likes a baked potato and my father in law taught me a tip, to microwave the potato for 4 minutes on high and then wrap it in foil and then put on the grill with the steaks for flavor and finish the cooking, it’s a great meal.

This is grilling opposed to smoking or BBQ, you cook quick on high seat with not a lot of seasoning, yet the meal is great and you cooked it hot & fresh.

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