Simple Dinners; Fajitas From Leftover Steak

Simple Dinners; Fajitas From Leftover Steak

So a couple of days ago I grilled steak (see my blog on “Simple Steak Dinner, Grilling 103), and now I have leftover steak and I will make the best second hand meal ever. Steak Fajitas, trust me, it’s better than the grilled steak dinner from the day before.

The first step is have the steak get to room temperature (and you should do this with all meats), and then get a good cutting board and sharp knife and just cut the leftover steak length wise so it’s a strip and then cut it across just once so it’s a little longer than a cube but shorter than a strip. Now I like to eat mine on a small tortilla (taco size), but the Chicago based El Milagro tortilla company (who makes the best tortillas), has a fajita size tortilla that is slightly bigger. In that case you can leave it as a strip, just be aware as you cook, those thin ends can cook quickly, so be aware.

Then heat up an iron skillet and oil it with just a tablespoon or two of wok oil (or peanut oil, something that can take high heat without smoking and breaking down), and quickly sauté. I like to throw in chopped yellow onions, not much, maybe ½ a cup then a ¼ cup of green peppers. You may also want to throw mushrooms in there as well, a good chopped portabella will add excellent flavor.

This whole process is a few minutes, remember the steak is cooked, and it will burn and get hard quick, so constantly use a spatula to turn it over and add a little oil if needed. Be sure to season it a little too as it cooks, I like to add a pinch of the following: oregano, basil, garlic powder, cilantro, red pepper and right near then end add a little lime juice (just a tablespoon or two), you’d be surprised at the flavor you get from that.

When it looks almost done, take a flour tortilla (or two), and throw it on top of the fajita and flip it after 20 seconds with tongs (it will start to brown and inflate slightly), and then pull it off and fill the tortilla with the sautéed meat & veggie mix.
Also throw in some shredded lettuce, as well as chopped tomatoes (even better is pico de gallo), and food good measure have some tortilla chips to go along with and you a have a nice fresh meal that will make Taco Bell blush.
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