Embrace Chicago in the Spring

Embrace Chicago in the Spring

After the long hard Chicago winter I feel like spring in the Chi is just a beautiful thaw as people come out and the city opens up like a tulip and starts to get green like a park district field. Here’s some of my favorite things:

You have to drive north on Stony Island and cut over on Cornell Drive and come around the Museum of Science of Industry east bound on 57th Street around 7 A.M. and see the sun rise of the bed of the lake, it never gets old.

Speaking of 57th Street, attend the 57th Street Art Fair in Hyde Park the first weekend in June and get some lemonade.

You also have to drive south bound into the loop at night on the Kennedy (1-90), to see the skyline at night, preferably with a sunroof open (if you have one or a convertible down), it also never gets old.

Go to a Cubs game on a Friday afternoon (and I’m a White Sox fan), you won’t regret walking up the ramp from the concourse and see that field of dreams glistening in the sun.

Walk south on the lakefront bike path from Fullerton to North Avenue after sunset or hang out on the rocks during the day, preferably with someone special.

Take the Rock Island Metra inbound to the LaSalle Street station and look out the east windows on a Saturday morning in May and see people (from Beverly to Woodlawn to the South Loop), in the parks, backyards and preparing for graduations. It will restore your love for the city.

Play basketball on one of the courts along the lakefront early on a weekend morning, preferably 31st Street or the one adjacent to Lincoln Park Zoo off of Cannon Drive, hooping with a million dollar view and playing with the wonderful people that come through (the hustlers, the homeless and tourists), is a treat and will give you appreciate for the city and the people in it.

Drive inbound from the Bishop Ford (1-94), from the southern suburbs to Stony Island and then come northbound on a Saturday morning, it will give you a new view on the southeast side.

Attend one of the many farmers markets on the weekends, the Beverly farmers market on 95th & Vanderpoel or the expansive Green Market on the south end of Lincoln Park near North Ave and Clark.

And while you’re in south Lincoln Park, walk up Clark to Armitage and have brunch at Stanley’s Kitchen & Tap.

Attend an early season concert at Ravinia, doesn’t matter who.

Stand along the Chicago River east of Michigan Ave and watch sailboats cause the bridges to rise as they race to Lake Michigan.

Or simply take a moment anywhere in the city, don’t look at your phone and just sit for minute and take in the city, the people and the beauty that surrounds us everyday.

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